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Netflix will handle the sequels of the film based on the trilogy written by Blanca Lipińska. Michele Morrone and Anna Maria Sieklucka will return to bring the leads to life.

365 DNIthe successful adaptation of the first installment of the trilogy written by Blanca Lipinskahas just released its second part. 365 days: That day It is again directed by Barbara Białowąs and Tomasz Mandes, with Michele Morrone and Anna Maria Sieklucka starring once again. Although the second film adds a good dose of intrigue and kidnappings, there is still one more part of the story of Laura Y Massimo. 365 DNI 3the third installment of the adaptation of the Lipińska saga, has already been announced.

The sequels, due to the controversy caused by the first installment, will have “some degree of creative supervision” and they are expected to have “a more cautious approach to some of the first film’s more controversial issues”. This explains the changes that Lipińska’s story has undergone. If you are wondering what happens after the second installment -according to the books of the Polish author-, we have summarized everything we know about the second sequel to 365 DNI.

How does the story of Massimo and Laura end?

That said, Lipińska wrote a trilogy and Netflix plans to adapt each one of them. We already warned that everything becomes very dark looking to the end and, if controversy lurked in the first installment, wait until you see what happens to Laura and Massimo in the next novel. We already warned that Netflix will surely change the details of the plot.

The third book, entitled Kolenje 365 DNI, begins with the consequences of Laura’s rescue from her captor Nacho. The protagonist is badly injured and the doctors tell Massimo that he must decide whether to save his wife or the child they are expecting. The mafia leader decides that it is Laura who is still alive. In addition to all this, Laura needs a heart transplant and it is Nacho who gets the organ. These two events mark the protagonist, who becomes an alcoholic because she cannot get over the loss of her son. To try to help her, Massimo buys her a dog that he names fatherbut whom he later kills to send his corpse to Laura in a box.

Plot changes to avoid controversy

365 days It is not a Netflix production, but it was a purchase they made after seeing the success of the film in Poland. Once theirs, they confirmed that it would have two sequels and took creative control to avoid sequences that would fuel the controversy that already existed around that toxic relationship between Massimo and Laura.

‘365 DNI’: Duffy asks Netflix to remove the film for “making rape attractive”

The controversy was such that even the well-known singer Duffy, the victim of a horrible sexual assault, called for the film to be withdrawn for making “the brutal reality of sex trafficking, kidnapping and rape” attractive. The actors, for their part, assured that the film had to be seen as fiction and neither of them wanted to advocate sexual violence against women.

More sex scenes

If for something you have called attention 365 DNI It was because of their sex scenes. The book written by Lipińska is quite explicit when it comes to sexual relations between her characters and its sequel follows the same trail. Therefore, these types of moments will be recurrent in the second installment.

‘365 DNI’ (Netflix): This is how they managed to make such real sex scenes without falling into pornography

When does ‘365 days 3’ premiere?

The fact that Netflix took over the rights to expand the erotic saga was good news, since, whenever success accompanies it, the company marks as one of its priorities the sequels of 365 days and ensures that they are released without leaving much time between delivery and delivery. In other words, fans can expect the premiere of 365 DNI 3 Coming soon.

The date on which it will arrive on the platform is not yet known, but it seems that it is already in development and that, if 365 days 2 is received in the same way as its predecessor, it will soon start shooting to take advantage of the pull.

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