Mexican health personnel would NOT let their children study the same

  • A user interviewed his colleagues –Mexican health personnel and asked them what they would do if their children decided to study medicine
  • Some of the responses were; “I would tell him that it’s okay pend#%?&”
  • What are the unfavorable aspects of studying medicine in Mexico?

A user in tiktokshared a video where he asked his colleagues Mexican health personnel what they would do if their children thought of itbe doctors, surgeons or engage in medicine in Mexico.

ALL the interviewees answered that they would refuse.

Some of the responses were:

“I would tell him that it’s okay pend#%?&”

“DON’T do it son, it’s bad for your health”


Mexican health personnel would not let their children study the same “are they pend#%?&”

Here the video:

@adrrich #adrrich ♬ original sound – Adrian Rivas MD

Studying medicine in Mexico is a great challenge

For children, it is very easy to answer “doctor” when asked what they want to be when they grow up. Although their intentions are pure and honest, their innocence blinds them to the fact that studying medicine in Mexico is a great challenge.

Getting into medical school is exciting and challenging. But before you commit to spending time, effort, and money for the next few years of your life, it’s important to consider the downsides of going to medical school.

Thinking about it, is that today we present a brief account of the situations that most affect the NEW medical residents of the country.

4 unfavorable aspects of studying medicine in Mexico

1. Lack of patients in private medical offices

While the public health system is saturated, private medical offices and even clinics and some hospitals have a reduced number of patients, since the economic situation of the country in general is complicated, therefore, it is convenient for the enterprising doctor to analyze who his target audience is and from from there, put together a marketing strategy that can include service packages or discounts for “frequent consultations”.

2. Inadequate geographical distribution

According to data from the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi), for every thousand inhabitants in the country there are 1.9 general practitioners and specialists, but the highest concentration of doctors occurs in Mexico City, Veracruz, Jalisco and Nuevo León, where the 44 percent of employed physicians. However, places far from large cities often lack sufficient medical personnel.

3. Low income compared to peers from other nations

Although the doctor’s income is based on the specialty and place where he performs his work, the Labor Observatory of the Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare (STPS) places Medicine as the eighth best paid career in Mexico, with monthly income average of 14 thousand 359 pesos, while the first places are occupied by chemistry careers (29 thousand 611 pesos); finance, banking and insurance (22 thousand 748); statistics (21 thousand 568); transportation services (17 thousand 255); mining and extraction (16 thousand 207); engineering of motor vehicles, ships and aircraft (15 thousand 817), and architecture and urbanism (14 thousand 905).

However, it should be noted that, for example, a Medical Compensation Report prepared by Medscape reported that among the lowest paid doctors in the United States are family doctors, who earn around 207 thousand dollars a yearwhich even so is a much higher income compared to the approximately 172 thousand pesos (about 9 thousand dollars) that the Mexican doctor would receive according to these estimates of the Labor Observatory.

4. Insecurity

Kidnappings, extortions, threats and physical and verbal aggression are part of the challenges that doctors from different regions of Mexico must face.

Although the type and level of insecurity that is experienced depends on the place where health professionals work, the truth is that people will still need your service, so that no matter how gray the panorama looks, there will always be someone who hopes to find a doctor brave and noble enough to help their community.

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