Paola Rojas recalled the digital violence she suffered: “It was massive abuse”

The journalist asked for a stop to the harassment (Photo: Instagram/@paolarojas)

Harassment and digital violence is a problem that has been developing over the years and both the general population and celebrities are susceptible to it.

Regarding the world of entertainment, cases such as the leak of intimate images of Gabriel Soto or the recent images broadcast about the courtship between Angela Aguilar and Gussy Lau. But before these events someone who was also affected by the harassment in networks was Paula Rojas.

And it is that in 2018 an intimate video of Luis Roberto Alves Zague, a soccer commentator who was Paola’s husband at the time, began to circulate on the networks. In the audiovisual, the former soccer player appeared in front of a mirror showing his naked body.

Although at the time Zague He did not delve into details, the speculations were that the driver had sent that video to a woman he wanted extramarially. For her part, Paola preferred to keep the issue away from the spotlight, however, She was not spared from the comments and fierce criticism that she aroused on social networks, as netizens came to blame her for “neglecting her husband.”

Zague is the ex-husband of the driver (Photo: Instagram / @lrzague)
Zague is the ex-husband of the driver (Photo: Instagram / @lrzague)

Given this context, during the most recent broadcast of divine net, Paola Rojas returned to the subject and pointed out that it was a very complicated period for her.

What hurt me the most was digital violence, because there was like this perception in many people, as if I had opened the door of my room, of my intimacy. In other words, it’s not just private, but intimate, “he said in front of the cameras.

In this sense, the journalist mentioned that after the scandals, some netizens only dedicated themselves to attacking her, without taking into account what she was going through.

There was like this perception that everyone could pass to that which is my intimacy, give an opinion about me, about my genitality. And that, in the voice of so many people, is very brutal”, commented the driver.

Rojas is the host of Netas Divinas (Photo: Instagram/@netasdivinastv)
Rojas is the host of Netas Divinas (Photo: Instagram/@netasdivinastv)

Rojas added that at that time, he also received support from network users, but despite this, the violence against him was excessive.

“They sent me messages… many very supportive and beautiful, which are the ones I appreciate and the ones I clung to to feel strength, but others were harassment; they came up with many ways to traverse that intimacy“, he pointed.

I don’t want to go into details, but it’s like it was a massive abuse

the driver of Divine Net She broke down in tears upon receiving the hug from her setmates and stressed that the harassment “it was very brutal and had physical implications, I even got sick. Digital violence does not stay in the digital world, it damages and hurts in the real world”.

Paola Rojas was affected by the digital harassment against her (Photo: IG @paolarojas)
Paola Rojas was affected by the digital harassment against her (Photo: IG @paolarojas)

Finally, she added that the subject is still very strong for her and, although sometimes she feels more prepared to approach it from another place or see it in a more distant way, it is still something that is difficult for her.

“(I don’t want) this not to be about me, it’s just one more example, but how many victims there are every day. The invitation to stop a little longer before throwing an insult, an offense or even a compliment that is obscene. Before you send that to whoever, no matter how distant you perceive her, she is a person and you can hurt her,” she said.


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