Paulina Pretelini, daughter of Enrique Peña Nieto, will marry in Spain

The socialite apparently decided to get married in Madrid, Spain

The name of Paulina Pena was one of the most controversial and mediatic during the six-year term of the former president Enrique Pena Nieto and now it has begun to pick up steam again in the public interest due to its upcoming wedding. Although the details about the civil and religious union are the main focus, the unknown of where it will take place has finally been discovered, quickly causing a stir on social networks, since apparently it will not be in Mexico.

The civil and religious union, of what seems to be the most important within the high social spheres in this year, apparently will not take place in the birthplace of the bride, as is customary in the country. Few data have been released, but the latest novelty began to give a lot to talk about as some detractors of Peña Nieto’s eldest daughter have even called her a “malinchista”.

The news has given what to talk about in social networks (Photo: Instagram/@paaulinapepretelini)
The news has given what to talk about in social networks (Photo: Instagram/@paaulinapepretelini)

“Confirmed. Peña Nieto’s daughter will marry in Spain. @betotavira published in his column ‘Politics for handsome’ of @ElIndependiente that PAULINA PEÑA PRETELINI and her fiancé FERNANDO TENA chose the city of Madrid for their wedding in October 2022, with 200 guests “, it could be read in the publication that issued the official account of Cradle of CricketsWell, the journalist Alberto Tavira reported through his Politics column for handsome men from the middle The Independentthe news.

The comments quickly arrived, because thousands of people have expressed their opinion not only on the digital portal of said newspaper, but also on the official account of Instagram of the former businesswoman have expressed their dislike for carrying out the long-awaited wedding outside the land that her father ruled years ago, as well as questions about whether she is ashamed of her Mexican origins.

Enrique Peña Nieto with his daughter Paulina (Photo: Instagram/epn)
Enrique Peña Nieto with his daughter Paulina (Photo: Instagram/epn)

“It is not possible that everything this girl does in some way makes our beloved Mexico ‘less’.” “It’s a good thing she won’t get married here because with all the enemies her dad has, they would most likely have ruined the party”. “In case of doubt, I think having the wedding outside the city of origin of the bride is fair for her malinchism internal that does not overcome”. “You are Mexican dear Paulina, I do not know you forget that part of the great wealth that your family has is due to that.” “There is nothing else malinchista than wanting a wedding in another country, even so good for her who has already made the decision to make her life out of her father’s scandals “, they wrote in Twitter.

"Yes a million times and forever" were Pretelini's words before his marriage proposal.  Photo: Instagram
“Yes a million times and forever” were Pretelini’s words before his marriage proposal. Photo: Instagram

Although very few people know about his work within a travel agency officially linked with Disney and its various tourist destinations in the world, including its large theme parks, Paulina has decided to put an end to that work and went through a long and moving message on her official account of Instagramwho shared with her followers and clients the decision to embark on new adventures in her life, thus leaving the project she launched with a group of friends.

Today is a bittersweet day for me because the end of one of the most divine stages in my life has come.. One that I never imagined that I would become passionate about and be able to extend my heart as it has been to be part of DreamPass. I want to thank @lunaa8 from the bottom of my heart for sharing her dream and her passion with me, she has been a friend and teacher in every way, thank you for teaching me and helping me grow in so many aspects but above all, for reminding me to laugh so much of ourselves is the best medicine, ”said the socialite.

(Photo: Instagram/@dreampass_mx)
(Photo: Instagram/@dreampass_mx)


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