Pepe Aguilar scolds Ángela Aguilar for being “very flirtatious”

The famous singer Mexican Ángela Aguilar has recently made known to her followers on social networks that her father, Pepe Aguilar, has scolded her for being “very flirtatious”.

The youngest daughter of Pepe AguilarÁngela Aguilar, was honest and revealed the reason why she received the most scolding from her father.

After the singer Ángela Aguilar was involved in a great scandal for her alleged relationship with the composer Gussy Lau, the young woman has once again been the center of attention on social networks, revealing why they scold her more than her father.

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After the great scandal, the interpreter stayed away from social networks for a while and took a few days of vacation in Europe with her family.

However, the young woman is already back with her millions of followers and even on stage.

On the other hand, it was through an interview that the artist offered for a show medium where she revealed that her father scolded her for being flirty.

In the video, the singer emphasizes that she has never been a girlfriend, although she revealed that her charisma and beauty made her popular at school, especially on February 14, the date on which she received many gifts and letters.

Girlfriend, girlfriend I never was, more than anything I was like a flirt and my dad scolded me a lot. On Valentine’s Day I was ‘the girl’ at school, so they came to me, you know, in the locker the letters and the flowers and the chocolates and my dad was like ‘who gave you that? ”, She detailed.

However, she added that with age she became more selective about who she liked, because as she got older she realized that it was important to consider what she felt comfortable with, who she liked and how they treated her.

For her part, the singer assures that since she was a child she has been accustomed to receiving compliments from her loved ones.

I’ve always been very flirty, you know… I’m used to my dad telling me I’m pretty, so it’s nice to hear people talk about it, but I’ve never been like that.”

It should be noted that after her trip to Europe, Ángela Aguilar had a few extremely busy days, since she appeared in Zacatecas and after she went on a trip to New York again, so everything seems to indicate that the singer has already overcome the recent episode in his life.

On the other hand, a few days ago it went viral on social networks that Ángela had a double and it was the TikTok user @lucianoarmentalop who released a video on the social network where you can see a young woman in a school in the United States States that she looks a lot like Angela.

In fact, they even seem to have the same height and as if that were not enough, their haircut is extremely similar.

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