The challenges and challenges after ‘Wind River’: an intense year of preparation, blinded by snow and a canceled premiere – CINEMABLEND

Tonight you have the opportunity to see ‘Wind River’ on Cuatro at 10:15 p.m., a solid suspense film that we recommend.

Marvel movies are pure entertainment and they assure us a good time in front of the screen, but, to be honest, they are not made for the interpretive brilliance of the actors. For those cases, better shoot for titles like Wind River, a ‘thriller’ that has two UCM superheroes demonstrating their ease in acting. Jeremy Renner Y elizabeth olsen star in this emotional thriller that we recommend you watch tonight at 10:15 p.m. on Cuatro.

Wind River focuses on the death of Natalie Hanson, a young Native American woman whose body turns up on a Wyoming Indian reservation. It is the middle of winter, but she is not wearing winter clothes or shoes. The autopsy determines that she has died from exposure to low temperatures and FBI agents Cory Lambert and Jane Banner begin the investigation.

A ‘thriller’ with a solid script and a good cast that works when it comes to portraying the mourning after the loss of a family member. The work of the director Taylor Sheridan -also a screenwriter of the great comancheria Y Hitman– was applauded by critics at its premiere, especially for its way of defying the rules of the genre, managing to stand out in a crowded field of productions. Behind her there are many challenges and challenges that the actors had to overcome.

Elizabeth Olsen’s intense year of preparation

The fear of being perceived as an impostor on paper is what led to elizabeth olsen to prepare thoroughly. She plays a rookie agent who has yet to gain experience and the actress took it as a personal challenge, spending an entire year training with professionals.

“I trained for a long time, I think it’s like six months, or three months of weapons and six months of self-defense and fighting and three months of training to work with weapons alongside a former officer. Then I did gun work in Utah with a former Green Beret,” Olsen told Collider“Just being around those kinds of men and hearing their stories and understanding the experiences they’ve had, the loss they’ve suffered, their relationship with the government, their relationship with politics, with corruption, helped shape the character, so I really started from there and charted my own path.”

However, to prepare as an FBI agent, he turned to YouTube videos. “I did a lot of strange preliminary research on YouTube to see interviews of federal agents, mainly women,” the actress tells Colliderbefore adding that she put having followed a real officer, but had no experience in the field, which was just what she was looking for, “It made more sense for me to listen to the stories of the men around me and, having the script, try to discover my own way”.

A shooting blinded by snow

The shootings are very far from the glamor that is breathed on the red carpets. During the long days of filming, the actors face all kinds of challenges, from extreme temperatures to exhausting physical exertion. In Wind Riverthe entire film crew had to deal with snow blindness, and while it didn’t cause serious damage, it was a real nuisance.

I didn’t actually go blind, but everyone was like that, that’s what snow blindness is all about. It was when we were shooting outside and everyone was like, ‘Do you want sunglasses? Do you want an umbrella?’. And I was like: ‘No. Thank God the sun came out!’ We went out to dinner that night and my eyes were completely red and watery, “he says in ScreenRant.

A premiere in danger because of Harvey Weinstein

Imagine working for years to get a production off the ground and, at the last moment, its premiere being jeopardized for a cause totally unrelated to you. It’s just what happened to them. Produced by The Weinstein Company, the film is one of many to be affected by the Harvey Weinstein sex scandal. After hearing the news, it was sentenced to be distributed only on video and streaming -it is from 2017, when the VOD bubble had not yet burst-. It finally had a limited release.

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