Dwayne Johnson, the actor who could be president of the United States, reaches his 50th birthday

Beyond acting Dwayne Johnson He has been a fighter, soccer player, psychologist and activist, and now, about to celebrate his fifth decade of life, a survey carried out by Pipsplay, in which 30,000 people of voting age participated, showed that the actor is favorite to become president of the United States.

Among his many activities, Johnson has previously stated an interest in politics: “I would consider a presidential run in the future if that’s what people want. I’m serious, and I’m not frivolous in any way with my answer. That would be up to the people.”

And the public has spoken. “The Rock” received 46% of the votes of those surveyed, who chose the movie stars they would most like as representatives in the White House.

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In addition to the undeniable charisma of the actor, this overwhelming choice could be due to the statements in which Johnson questioned former US President Donald Trump during his term: “Where are you? Because we are all here. Perhaps one day that galvanizing leader will emerge. Either way, the process of change has already begun.”

Thus, the idea of ​​seeing the actor in the White House does not sound so far-fetched, which is why today we remember the six softer facets of “The Rock”.

Turbulent youth and beginning in the fights

For Dwayne Johnson, football saved him from falling into crime. Coming from a humble family, Johnson lived his entire childhood in rented houses in dangerous neighborhoods. At 16, he had already been arrested at least eight times for bad behavior, but it was the appearance of a high school teacher (Jody Swit) that changed the course of today’s actor.

Johnson came to the acting guild after being a WWE wrestler, where he earned his nickname “The Rock” because he initially called himself Rocky Mayvia, in honor of his father and grandfather, who were also wrestlers. His physical appearance and his determination to fight against adversity have given him the image of an unbreakable man, however, he himself has shown that he is a human being with strength in his arms, but also in his heart.

altruistic work

The kind and compassionate side of the actor “Fast & Furious” is well known, since it is common to see him supporting people in difficult situations.

Last year he gave his personal truck to Oscar Rodríguez, a Navy veteran with a long history of social service. “Kindness matters to me, so thank you friend,” he wrote in the publication where Rodríguez is seen very moved.

Two years earlier, he invited three children to the set of the movie “Moana”: PJ, Cameron and Lucy, who are part of the Make a wish foundation, in charge of fulfilling the dreams of children suffering from a disease that puts their lives at risk.

“At the end of the day that is it. Yes, it is great to make movies like this, that everyone sees, but these kinds of things are the best part, ”she said in an interview with EL UNIVERSAL in 2019.

Also, he is the creator of “The Dwayne Johnson ROCK Foundation”, organization charged with designing programs to enrich the lives of children hospitalized for medical disabilities, disorders, and illnesses.

Among other actions, in 2015, Johnson donated $1.5 million to GoFundMe to pay for surgery on an abandoned dog. In 2017 he donated $25,000 to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts and in 2018 he donated a gym to a military base in Hawaii.

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Accept your weaknesses

The actor has no problem showing himself as a human being capable of feeling fear or pain. In some interviews in which he has talked about his adolescence, he admitted to having suffered from depression after he had to give up soccer due to various injuries.

“I got to a point where I didn’t want to do anything or go anywhere,” he said. “I found that, in depression, one of the most important things is to realize that you are not alone. You are not the first to go through that, ”he pointed out.

He has also revealed the affectation he suffered when seeing his mother cry once they were evicted from their house. Since then he promised to work to prevent his mother from suffering something like this again, after he witnessed his mother’s suicide attempt in the middle of a road, when she got out of the car and walked in the opposite direction. to cars. Dwayne came down to rescue her this time.

In recent years, in the face of the pandemic caused by the Covid-19, She was one of the celebrities who spoke about what it was like to face the disease.

“I can tell you that this is one of the most challenging and difficult things that we have had to endure as a family and for me, personally, as well,” he said in a video posted on his Instagram account.

educated by women

In 2006 he met his now wife, Lauren Hashian, whom he married in Hawaii 12 years later and after having two daughters together.

He was previously married for 10 years to Danny Garcia, a production company with which he became a father for the first time, to 20-year-old Simone. Furthermore, he has always stated that, having been educated by two women: his mother and his grandmother, he acquired an integrity of the value of women in his life.

“My grandmother, my mom, my first wife Dany Garcia, who is now my longtime business partner; my current wife, Lauren, my three daughters, continue to influence and teach me on a daily basis. If you are open and docile, you will be surprised as a man how much your daughters will teach you, ”he said in an episode of his NBC series “Young rock”.

Sportsman, psychologist and dancer

After he started playing football professionally, he was invited to various colleges. In 1995 he graduated as a psychologist, but suddenly one day he had to leave the team due to multiple injuries, which caused his first depression, however, it was physical training that restored his enthusiasm for life.

He asked his father, the Canadian wrestler Rocky Johnson, to train him to continue in the family business and although at first his father did not want to, the conviction of the young man ended up convincing him. At first the public had no faith in his performance due to his lack of experience and they booed him with the phrase “Rocky sucks” (Rocky sucks), but after getting up from an injury he returned to the ring to give a speech with which he gave rise to “The rock”.

“All over the country I heard people yelling ‘Rocky sucks’. I can be many things, but sucking is not one of them”, he expressed before the thousands of people attending the fight in which he came back to win and consolidate.

But those are not the only physical activities in which Dwayne performs well, because on social networks he has shown his coordination and enthusiasm when dancing, a skill that many of his fans applaud.

“Sports are important to me, because they played a vital role in my life. They took me off the street when I was getting into trouble and was arrested, ”he accepted in an interview.

A cool dad

The family is an essential part of Johnson’s life, who even in his projects prioritizes family unity as a value.

“Family is a value, it’s an anchor that everyone can relate to and it’s an experience that everyone wants: everyone has a family where they don’t get along so well. And it’s OK. Not all the family gets along. But when there is something greater than what we need to achieve, it is better to be together, “she said in an interview with this newspaper.

“I live an expansion to great films, very commercial, really great and with great themes and visual elements, but for me the human part is always very important, the heart”, he added.

It is common to hear him tell stories about how he has fun with his little ones and how he grew personally when his firstborn was born in 1997, Simon Alexandra, to whom he constantly shows his affection.

“And then your babies graduate. I am so proud of my first daughter to graduate from high school. I love you and one day you will stop walking away from my beastly arms and kisses,” she wrote on social media.

While for Jasmine and Tia, aged six and four, he has become a companion in adventures that he also shares with his followers on Instagram. On one occasion, he told about his favorite game, in which they make him close his eyes while they go to the kitchen and put ingredients in a bowl.

“They’re looking for flour and water and I can hear them say, ‘Where’s the oil?’ And I know what’s coming… “I tell them, ‘Okay, I’m not going to look,’ and boom! They dump the mixture on my head,” she narrated.

“My little tornadoes” usually calls the two girls, who in the last Valentine’s Day described the actor of “The Scorpion King” as “Generous, he plays with me like a ‘rock'”, “he gives me frozen bananas” and “Friend” .