The best dramas on Disney Plus

Platform: Disney+

Year: 2012

Duration: One hour and 48 minutes

Theme: Drama, history, thriller

Age: For people over 16 years old

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Something in common

One of the best most recommended romantic movies on Disney Plus and one of the best dramas that we can see on the platform if we are looking for something that is far from the typical, from the cheesy. Large is a twentysomething who hasn’t set foot in his home in New Jersey for almost ten years but has returned and must come to terms with his past. He will meet a girl there, Samantha, with psychological problems but the companion that Large needs to face this process. A fun dramatic movie performed by Zach Braff and Natalie Portman with which we will have a good time going back to the twenty-something.

Platform: Disney+

Year: 2004

Duration: One hour and 42 minutes

Theme: Drama, comedy, romance

Age: For people over 16 years old

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the shape of water

Released in 2017 and winner of four Oscars (out of thirteen nominations in total), “The Shape of Water” is one of the best recent movies we can see on Disney Plus and one of the best dramas on the streaming platform. Directed by Guillermo del Toro and starring Sally Hawkins and Doug Jones, we get fully into a high-security laboratory in times of the Cold War. Two different and totally alien worlds that will come together by chance in an emotional and visually brilliant romance. Elisa is a laboratory cleaner and her life will change when she discovers a “secret” experiment of the laboratory: an amphibian man confined in one of the laboratory rooms.

Platform: Disney+

Year: 2017

Duration: two hours and four minutes

Theme: Romance, drama, fantasy

Age: For people over 16 years old

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a monster comes to see me

A co-production between Spain and the United States directed by Juan Antonio Bayona in which Connor is a twelve-year-old boy who must take care of the family home due to his mother’s cancer. An excessive responsibility for a twelve-year-old boy who will take refuge in his fantasies thanks to the help of a monster that will evade him from a reality in which he must face not only the illness of his mother but also his grandmother. An emotional Spanish drama about mother-child relationships, a story of family, adolescence, fantasy, fairy tales. A luxury cast with Lewis MacDougall accompanied by Sigourney Weaver, Felicity Jones, Liam Neeson or Geraldine Chaplin.

Platform: Disney+

Year: 2016

Duration: One hour and 48 minutes

Theme: drama, fantasy

Age: For ages 12 and up

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The descendants

George Clooney brings Matt King to life in this movie he stars along with Amara Miller and Shailene Woodley. Matt King is a father of two daughters whose wife has just had an accident that has left her in a coma. The absence of the mother It will make Matt King rethink his relationship with his 10 and 17-year-old daughters, do everything possible to start a family. A film not as well known as others on this list but absolutely recommended if we are looking for a fresh and entertaining family drama. With five Oscar nominations in 2011 and winner of “Best Adapted Screenplay”, we will be moved by this family portrait directed by Alexander Payne.

Platform: Disney+

Year: 2011

Duration: One hour and 56 minutes

Theme: Drama, comedy, emotional

Age: For people over 16 years old

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Fight club

Although the movie is now over twenty years old, “Fight Club” is one of the best drama movies of recent times. Starring Brad pitt giving life to Jack, a man with a monotonous and exhausting life. But meeting a soap seller on a plane will change the way he thinks, how he sees the world. A salesman with a particular way of living and with a theory based on the perfectionism. Together they will decide to found a secret club in which to vent, in which to unload their anger.

Platform: Disney+

Year: 1990

Duration: Two hours and 19 minutes

Theme: Drama, Thriller, Classic

Age: For over 18 years old

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Three billboards outside

Mildred Hayes has lost her daughter, murdered. Frances McDormand brings to life this woman and mother whose teenage daughter has been murdered and raped. Tired and frustrated by the inability of the police to find the culprit, Milfred Hayes will decide to hire some billboards to denounce the situation, to question the town’s chief of police. With seven Oscar nominations and two awards (Best Actress and Best Supporting Actor), “Three Billboards Outside” is one of the best British films of recent times and a drama with outstanding acting.

Platform: Disney+

Year: 2017

Duration: One hour and 56 minutes

Theme: Comedy drama

Age: For over sixteen years

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We can also see some drama movies if we search for cartoons. Dramatic cartoons on Disney Plus if we want a movie session in which we will drop a few tears as a family. Classics that have made us cry like Bambi or like Dumbo but also other more recent and tearful films like Coco, from Pixar.


We have all cried with the first minutes of Bambi and this is one of the best-known animated and drama films in history. Released in the forties, we can see it again today. A family classic with which generation after generation we have cried in a drama in which we will follow in the footsteps of Bambi with Drum and Flower on his adventures in the woods.

In addition, we can also see the second part of the film, “Bambi II”, in which the little fawn will meet his father in a family story.

Platform: Disney+

Year: 1942

Duration: One hour and 14 minutes

Theme: Drama, family, animation

Age: For ages six and up

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We’ve all seen Dumbo before, the movie was released in the 1940s and the elephant is still one of the most popular Disney characters. an elephant calf abused and ridiculed by his fellow circus but with the help of Timothy, an adorable mouse, to become a circus star. A tear-jerking movie that doesn’t go out of style, a moving story that will make us cry even though it may not be a drama as such.

Platform: Disney+

Year: 1941

Duration: One hour and three minutes

Theme: Family movie, cartoon

Age: For ages six and up

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Coco is not a drama, but it is a film that we will all end up crying with, regardless of how old we are. A family film session to show that family is the most important thing, no matter how long it takes. Miguel is the protagonist, a boy who dreams of being a musician in a family where music is prohibited. But will run away from home on the Day of the Dead to achieve his dream. A dream that will take him to the Land of the Dead where she will learn much more about his family history and ancestors, a story that is not what he believed or what he had been told. A family film with a sublime soundtrack and ideal to watch at any time of the year with or without children.

Platform: Disney+

Year: 2017

Duration: 1 hour and 45 minutes

Theme: Musical, family, fantasy

Age: For ages above 7

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Disney Original Movies

Although Disney + stands out for many original series from franchises such as Star Wars or Marvel, there are also many original movies that we can see on the streaming platform. Unique and exclusive feature films that we can only see in it. Biographical dramas or dramas based on real events, emotional stories with which to spend an afternoon at the movies with the family discovering the lives of these protagonists.


One of the best biographical films on Disney Plus is Safety, an original feature film from the streaming platform that is based on the life of the American player Ray McElrathbey. Ray leaves behind a complicated life at home when he goes to college but leaves behind his brother, whom he will have to take with him to campus and hide while he trains and studies. a family drama for all audiences with a character who faced all kinds of difficulties to study, train and to support his eleven-year-old brother.


Year: 2020

Duration: Two hours and three minutes

Theme: Drama / Biography

Age: For ages six and up

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Another Disney Plus Original Movie he covers a classic novel for us, that of Anna Sewell. The protagonist is a wild mare born in freedom and who gives the film its name. Ella but she will end up in a stable after being caught and taken away from her family. The animal’s anguish will be less when she meets Jo Green, a teenager with whom she will develop a special and unique bond.


Year: 2020

Duration: One hour and 51 minutes

Theme: Drama / Nature

Age: For ages nine and up

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A hard biography if we look for one of the original Disney Plus dramas is that of Clouds, the story of the young musician Zach Sobiech. Based on real events, it tells us how the young man discovers that he only has a few months to live because her cancer has spread. Far from giving up, he will decide to record an album and will soon become a successful musician, a viral phenomenon that will make his last months of life enjoy having fulfilled his dream.


Year: 2020

Duration: Two hours and 3 minutes

Theme: Drama, biography, music

Age: For ages nine and up

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