“They are pure rudeness”: Luis de Alba criticized current comedians

Luis de Alba expressed his opinion about the humorists of the current generation (Photo: Twitter)

Luis de Alba has established himself over the decades as one of the most renowned humorists from Mexico and has a remarkable career on the screen and on stage. Characters such as “Juan Camaney”, “El Mouse Crispín” and “El Pirrurris” have positioned him in the public eye for years, which is why today he is considered a living legend of comedy in the country.

With the prestige it holds, now the perspective that the humorist has about the new generations caught our attention of comedians, as he assured that many of them abuse high-sounding words in their comic routines.

This was announced by the veteran comedian in an interview with the Youtuber Margarito Music: “Humorism is humorism, what happens is that there are very good kids, but I don’t know why or who told them that to go on stage you have to go out crying the motherThey are pure rudeness, “he said.

"Crispin the mouse" He is one of the humorist's most recognized characters (Photo: Twitter/@thortita99)
“Crispín the mouse” is one of the humorist’s most recognized characters (Photo: Twitter/@thortita99)

The 77-year-old comedian said that comedians “of his generation” did tend to include profanity in their appearances, but noted that they they had well calculated and justified the inclusion of words powerful.

“We use them, as we Mexicans speak, but it seems to me that sometimes they are sent, but they will learn.” In addition, he said that “the old (comedians) we know how to work with profanities, when they can be used and they are due. But not just to be mentioning mothers ”.

On the other hand, De Alba commented in the same interview how he is in health after a few months ago he was hospitalized in an emergency in a clinic in Monterrey after suffering a fall that caused a fracture in his femur.

The family of Luis de Alba enabled an account "Go Found Me" to collaborate with the actor's hospital expenses (Photo: File)
Luis de Alba’s family set up a “Go Found Me” account to collaborate with the actor’s hospital expenses (Photo: File)

After that, the beloved comedian was transferred to Mexico City to undergoing a femur reconstruction, which included the placement of a prosthesis.And it is that due to the high costs of the intervention, and the expenses of transfer, the family of “Juan Camaney” requested financial support through the funding platform Go Found Mewhere the actor’s audience was able to collaborate with the cause.

After several months of recovery and rehabilitation, Luis de Alba assured that he is completely recovered and is even already working on new projects: “I am discharged. I’m already working, I already have a month and fair that I’ve been on tour and soon I start a movie.”

De Alba told in the same talk about his relationship with the members of the famous Valdés Dynasty “I met all of them: Ramón, Manuel, German. I still see the son of Mad, I just saw it, there it goes and very good to work with”. “Divine, very funny, a very good man and bohemian, like all the Valdés”, he recalled about what “Don Ramón” was like.

At 77 years old and after being discharged, the humorist continues with his personal presentations (Photo: Instagram @luisdealbaoficial)
At 77 years old and after being discharged, the humorist continues with his personal presentations (Photo: Instagram @luisdealbaoficial)

Among the current projects in which we will soon see Luis de Alba on the screen is the comedy program losing the judgmenttransmitted in the signal of TelevisaUnivision. The humorist already recorded his participation in the bar program a few weeks ago Good night.

about his appearance in the Showthe producer Memo del Bosque told in days gone by Infobae Mexico what the public will be able to see soon and said that he was able to confront him with Carlos Bonavides in a very special dynamic:

He (Luis de Alba) always, all his life his character was ‘El PirrurrisI put him together as someone who always felt very coolvery nice and I brought ‘Huicho Domínguez’, a more popular character who also feels like a mirrey in his style, I brought them together, they went hand in hand, they threw themselves and criticized each other, “he advanced.


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