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You have only a few days to see a peculiar but rogue review of the Western genre directed by the author of the horror film of the moment. Ethan Hawke and John Travolta lead this unique film that will stop streaming shortly.

An irreverent and revisionist western that wants to play both the wildest and rudest side of the genre and inject it with charismatic and fresh humor to modernize it. This is In a Valley of Violence, an estimable little film from 2016 made by Ti West, director of the disheveled X, and produced by the independent company Blumhouse. It’s still streaming on Netflixbut it will leave the platform on the 15th, so you have a few days to watch this unique film that is really worth it.

And you should wear this smashing western especially if you’ve been knocked out by the brutal but twisted fun air of X, the slasher that is giving so much to talk about these days. On a slightly smaller scale, In a Valley of Violence tries to achieve a balance between crudeness and fun similar to that of its recent premiere, but this time applied to a more classic film genre.

It’s a mix that can be unsettling, but it gives this revenge story a totally unique air. Here Ethan Hawke plays the lead, a lonely cowboy whose only company is his trusty steed and a charismatic dog who is as expressive as he is fierce when the situation calls for it. In the first scene we see both a gunman and a dog companion in action, in a combination of violence and humor that establishes what we are going to find in the film.

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Our protagonist has a destiny, but he has to make his way through a place that he has heard nothing positive about. At first he seeks to go unnoticed, resting in a bar where he can have a drink, but he is approached by a rowdy man (James Ranson) and his minions with whom he ends up having a confrontation. Shortly after he discovers that this young man is the son of the local sheriff (John Travolta), and will end up trapped in an escalation of violence appropriate to what the title of the film promises.

In a Valley of Violence it’s peculiar, because it’s a revisionist western but it doesn’t have a certain solemnity that would be usual in this kind of approach to the genre. Instead, choosing to honor the grittier aspects of it while infusing it with a comedic energy very close to cartoons.. At times its protagonist is like a cross between Clint Eastwood’s Italian westerns and Lucky Luke.

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Pull a lot of a funny or roguish tone, which can sometimes be misleading -as in the case of the female characters in Taissa Farmiga Y Karen Gillan, but what is most surprising is at certain moments where it breaks completely in another direction. In a certain key sequence, he chooses to play with a dark and unsettling atmosphere very close to West’s previous horror films, such as The House of the Devil or The Sacrament.

To say the least, this singular film of modest production, brand Blumhouse, is estimable and interesting to understand the very personal style that Ti West has when facing the cinema. That is why you should not get lost, and take advantage of the last days in which the movie will be streaming. You can give up for a unique double program with a visit to the cinema in which to see X.

In a Valley of Violence can be seen on Netflix.

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