Christian Nodal is still in contact with Belinda and does not rule out reconciliation, followers tell him “get over it”

Christian Nodal reveals that he is still in contact with Belinda and does not rule out reconciliation, followers tell him “get over it”, Well, he talks about it again, although Belinda has omitted it in her most recent appearances.

Weeks have passed since Christian Nodal confirmed the end of his engagement and total breakup with Belinda. The couple had shared nearly two years of their lives and many expected a dream wedding after committing to the delivery of an engagement ring that has been one of the most expensive in the world of entertainment.

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Although initially Christian Nodal was offended by how things ended and was heavily criticized by his followers, even threatening to take his ex’s dirty laundry out into the sun, now things change and Belinda’s followers are not happy.

It was in a recent interview where the interpreter of “Botella after bottle” and “Goodbye love” revealed that he was still in contact with his ex and that he did not rule out a reconciliation in the futurethis despite the fact that after their separation he has been seen with various most romantic women.

“… We have had talks, but I don’t know, they are things that go from life… we have had talks but as I told you, I don’t know in what position life puts us… it is not a definitive no nor is it a definitive yes … I forgive everything, that he continues with that woman is different, the essential thing is to forgive, ”said Nodal in an interview with the Despierta América program.

Although there were those who were moved by the possible return of Belinda and NodalOther followers of the singer pointed out that Nodal should already leave the matter for peace, because although he was the one who was most upset after the breakup, he is the only one who continues to talk about the subject, unlike the singer of “Love at first sight” and “Light without gravity”.

Belinda, winning as always closes the issue of Christian Nodal

Belinda has beenHe has been busy promoting his new series with Netflix, “Welcome to Eden”a story that marks his return to acting and music, because by interpreting various musical themes of the project, he has once again placed himself on the popularity charts.

A week ago Belinda was part of the Platinum Award celebration and assured that he was very happy enjoying his single life, focused on various personal projects. Not to mention Christian Nodalwas very calm, although she admitted that it was a difficult process to leave her love story behind.

On the arm of Álvaro Morte, the beloved “Professor” of the famous series “The paper house”, Belinda was in charge of presenting one of the events of the night and the image became a trend. After the premiere of “Welcome to Eden” on Netflix on May 6, Belinda’s series already occupies the first places of popularity on the platform, which is why she has added a new success to her career.

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