“I missed Mexico a lot”: Tom Cruise


PFor Tom Cruise it seems that there are no impossible things in his career, and after two years in which all activities had to stop due to the pandemic, the time has come to travel the world again to present his recent film Top Gun: Maverick… and Mexico was one of the obligatory stops.

I missed Mexico a lot, I have many friends here and I like everything about this country. I like their food, the tacos, the pozole. It’s been a long time since I’ve been here, I’m very happy to be here,” Cruise said yesterday morning during a pre-red carpet photo shoot at a hotel in the nation’s capital.

Without a preamble or music to announce the event, only with the trailer for the film projected on the screens installed in the Toreo Parque Central shopping center, at 5:30 p.m. Tom Cruise appeared on the escalators. His descent was slow, but as people realized who he was, the screams increased, while he without hesitation waved his hand at all those who turned to see him.

The three-time Oscar nominee was not alone in this new adventure of Maverick, the character he brings to life in the film (opening in theaters on May 25) and its 1986 prequel. He arrived accompanied by his entire squad: Jennifer Conelly, Miles Teller, Jon Hamm, Monica Barbaro, Danny Ramirez, and director Joseph Kosinski.

After having posed in front of the media cameras, the also producer of the tape began to walk towards the fan zone, where, keeping his healthy distance, he greeted and told them to turn around so that they would turn their backs on him and they could get a selfie with him by shooting their cell phone cameras in the direction of where he was.

With that same attitude, smiling and wearing dark glasses, Cruise greeted each block where his fans were placed, taking care not to break the distance marked on the floor by a gray line that went around the entire stage.

Since that interpretation of Maverick in 1986, Cruise has aroused the admiration of people, so some who were touched by the first installment of the history of fighter pilots did not hesitate to arrive at the mall from six in the morning to reach a place and have the opportunity to show the actor your admiration.

Tom Cruise posed with the cast of Top Gun: Maverick and director Joseph Kosinski.

I quit my job to be here,” read a sign, in English, from one of the girls who was among those lucky enough to be on the carpet…and her effort paid off. Cruise stopped and chatted with her for a couple of minutes.

Thus, while Cruise greeted the public and took photos, the rest of the cast followed the example of whom they consider one of the people with the greatest leadership they have ever met. Jennifer Conelly smiled and, keeping her distance, also took photos with the public, as did Miles Teller, while Jon Hamm waved and sent hugs and kisses. .

At almost 60 years old, Cruise continues to perform all the action scenes in which his characters participate and Maverick is no exception. “Making movies is always a challenge, age does not represent any physical challenge,” the American shared as he walked the carpet.

Once Cruise and the rest of the cast completed their tour, they met again in front of the cameras and there, the new squad of the tape, received the surprise of fireworks and an orchestra that played live the emblematic theme of the 1986 tape, Top Gun Anthem.

With a smile and satisfied by the affection with which the chilangos received them, the cast said goodbye to the carpet only to enter the VIP room of the cinematographic complex to enjoy the new installment of this story, while outside the mall it began to rain torrential.

Around 30 minutes later, the screams were heard again. Cruise was leaving the premises, however, the rain changed the logistics so the actor and the security entourage had to travel through the corridors of the mall.

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