Is Wanda the Scarlet Witch dead?

    At the end of Doc Strange 2 You can’t help but wonder: is Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen), the Scarlet Witch, really dead? First because we haven’t seen the corpse, second because she is, together with Captain Marvel, the most powerful character in the entire Marvel Universe and a mountain is not going to kill her (besides, the only thing she says is that she is going to destroy the mountain to destroy all traces of the spells of the darkhold, the cursed book, not that he is going to commit suicide) and third because it cannot be that the end of his character is that. Wanda’s journey comes from a long way, not only from WandaVision. First, the fact that they experimented on her and her brother. Then there is the loss of her brother. Then the loss of her husband. Finally, the loss of some children who never existed in his reality, but it turns out that they do exist in others. But above all, it cannot be that the end of a character who all she wants is to be a mother, who yearns for happiness, regardless of the fact that she can become a villain, is that. On the one hand that it is that again (the last minute redemption in Darth Vader plan), but also that nobody has helped him. In the comics, Wanda always got help. Here her help is conspicuous by her absence: if she’s crazy, let her handle it. Doctor Strange only goes to see her when he needs her help. Help from someone who knows he’s broken? It is clear that Wanda is not dead. In the same way that we know that Wong (Benedict Wong) does not die when he is thrown down the cliff and we knew that Black Widow was dead, that she sacrificed herself. But, come on, what is it worth to us to save her that Wanda is an immensely powerful witch who can twist reality at her whim and who only aspires to be a mother. Because she hasn’t given up on it.

    It has been rumored for some time that Marvel is planning a solo Scarlet Witch movie. They are nothing more than rumours, without any official source to rely on and thrown at the chance by alleged leakers who are right one in ten, so you have to take it with a grain of salt. But it is true that she is a character that Marvel Studios will not give up. Because she is not dead. And the fact that there is a version alive and well in the new universe in which they have massacred the Illuminati may be a replacement. Although I bet on the original, with all the backpack that she carries on her back of pain and despair (if not, the message they send with one of the most solid female characters in the MCU is a bit crooked). So the question, as always, is whether a solo movie makes sense: and the answer is yes. Wanda has to find herself, because until now she has always defined herself through others, how she reacts to others.

    I know that with Marvel you can’t throw away the comics because then they have to look like an egg to a chestnut, but the second volume of the comic series Scarlet Witch He left behind a few clues that could make for a solo movie (or a TV miniseries like the magnificent WandaVision and Moon Knight). To begin with, Wanda is separated from her mutant origin. It is also established that she is a witch with witch origins. Magneto is not her father. The High Evolutionary experimented on her and her brother when they were babies because they were children of a witch (no, he didn’t work for Hydra). But the most important thing is that she is the daughter of a witch named Scarlet Witch and the granddaughter of the Scarlet Witch, so she runs in the family. This, if you think about it, connects to the fact that Agatha Harkness has known all the Scarlet Witches since the 17th century. If that journey through a witchcraft origin is not enough for a dark movie (darker than Doc Strange 2), let Sam Raimi come and say it.

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