Kate del Castillo showed off her natural beauty without makeup and in a bikini on her “homecoming”

Kate del Castillo is a Mexican actress, producer and businesswoman. (Photo: EFE/Alicia Civita)

Kate del Castillo reappeared on her social networks to share a photograph on the occasion of her return to her luxurious mansion located in California and stole sighs by posing in a bikini while sunbathing at the edge of your pool. Her publication came after the controversies in which she has been involved: the moment she starred in upon her arrival at CDMX, her support for the movement save me from the train and the complaint he recently launched against a restaurant.

In the last hours, the protagonist of the queen of the south surprised his nearly 9 million followers on Instagram with a very special photograph, because on few occasions she shows off her statuesque figure that she retains at almost 50 years of age in a swimsuit. On this occasion, Not only was she seen in a yellow bikini with black stripes, she also posed for the camera without a drop of makeup..

In this way, the interpreter revealed her enviable beauty. The reactions did not wait, because the users of the platform were delighted with the postcard that also reflected the security that characterizes the Mexican, because to date there are few artists who dare to show their natural faces with great pride.

Among the 79 thousand likes, he highlighted the "heart" left by 'Angela Aguilar.  (Capture: @katedelcastillo/Instagram)
Among the 79 thousand likes, he highlighted the “heart” left by ‘Angela Aguilar. (Capture: @katedelcastillo/Instagram)

Happy to be back home!”, he wrote in his publication. “I love you Squirrel !!!”, commented Roxana Castellanos, who is one of her best friends. “A huge beautiful kiss!! I miss you”. “Beautifull. Enjoy a lot, my beloved Katita. We love you!!!”. “You very well”. “Spectacular as always.” “How happy to see you happy.” “Pretty the queen of the south”. “Goddess Teresa Mendoza!!!!”. “The body is always so beautiful”, were other reactions.

the protagonist of Ungovernable also posted a story of Instagram where he shared another look at where he was, his home located in Los Angeles, California. Thus she hinted that she would enjoy a day of rest in the sun and could not miss a few drinks. During the night of last Saturday, May 07, she published a short video in the same section to show your support for saul Cinnamon Álvarez, who hours later lost against Dmitry Bivol.

Cinnamon fresh as a cucumber!! that’s how he is! Come on Champion!”, he wrote about the story. The image was taken prior to the battle, when the boxers were preparing to enter the ring.

His relationship with director of photography Edgar Bahena recently emerged.  (Capture: @katedelcastillo/Instagram)
His relationship with director of photography Edgar Bahena recently emerged. (Capture: @katedelcastillo/Instagram)

Until a few days ago, Kate del Castillo was in Mexico City recording a series inspired by Anna Karenina, a classic written by Leo Tolstoy. It is unknown if the interpreter has already concluded with the scenes of her leading role or in the next few days she will return to her native country to continue with her new project.

On the other hand, the daughter of Eric del Castillo was involved in different controversies during her stay in Mexico. To start, in mid-April held a controversial meeting with the media when appearing in a CDMX theater with her boyfriend, Edgar Bahena and, as expected, the questions were directed towards his new romance.

We are very happy, very happy, very much in love (…) I continue to have an incredible time”, he mentioned. The actress did not want to give more statements about it, which sparked pushes from the press: “Please, be careful, don’t get hurt (…) I can’t talk like that, Don’t put the microphone in my face. I am delighted to answer them, but do not put the microphone here, “ she said noticeably uncomfortable about what had happened.

Canelo lost the fight.  (Capture: @katedelcastillo/Instagram)
Canelo lost the fight. (Capture: @katedelcastillo/Instagram)

It is also part of save me from the train, an initiative led by Mexican artists that seeks to analyze the modification of section 5 of the Mayan Train that goes from Tulum to Cancun. Among his recent controversies, he highlighted the recent comment he threw against a restaurant located in CDMX that is known for lady prophet.


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