Madonna asked Pope Francis for a meeting to discuss “important issues”: “I am a good Catholic”

The queen of pop has requested a meeting with the pope (photos: AFP / REUTERS / Guglielmo Mangiapane)

The Queen of pop, madonnacaused a sensation after the singer sent a message through her social networks to none other than the highest authority of the Vatican, the Pope Francis Bergoglio.

Since through her official Twitter account, the legendary American singer requested a meeting with the Pope with the aim of confessing, as she assured that they have passed “some decades since my last confession”.

Through a play on words, the interpreter of “Like A Virgin” said that she swore to be a good Catholic. “I swear” which can be translated as swear or curseso he said “I mean I don’t swear/I mean, I don’t curse”.

In addition to this, he asked if it was possible that they could get together to “discuss important matters”, because the singer was said to have been excommunicated three times which “doesn’t seem fair”.

(photo: @Madonna)
(photo: @Madonna)

The above was also made public through a conversation with the Italian radio in which he confessed that he would like to have a dinner with the holy pontiff despite the excommunication and the rocky relationship it maintains with the catholic church.

And it is that the assertions of the singer, despite not being entirely true, since in effect she has been excommunicated, it has only been once. Although yes, he has pissed off the church over the years on several occasions.

The anger began with the premiere of his controversial video clip for “Like a Prayer”, broadcast on the MTV channel in 1989, in the video you can see a gang rape of white men against a woman who takes refuge in a church.

The video was canceled by the church, as well as the promotional one he made for Pepsi with a version suitable for all audiences.
The video was canceled by the church, as well as the promotional one he made for Pepsi with a version suitable for all audiences.

There he finds the figure of a saint who comes to life, a black man that he had been arrested while trying to help her and that by the end of the video he ends having sex with Madonna. This did not please the American conservative society, who ended up boycotting it.

The Pope also joined this campaign against Madonna John Paul IIwho before the scandal and the request of various Catholic communities, excommunicated the singer and dedicated a statement against the American in which he cataloged the sacrilegious video and prohibited the entry of his music and image into the country, considering it “one of the most satanic shows in history”.

After this, and by way of response, came the theme of “Express Yourself” in which the singer spoke about freedom of expression and women’s sexuality. Her boycott, far from overshadowing her, had elevated her.

Madonna crucified at her concert (photo: @marianosperanza)
Madonna crucified at her concert (photo: @marianosperanza)

And so his fame increased as did his bravery. Since in 2006 she was the queen of pop, in one of her concerts in Italy for her tour Confession Tourdecided to put on a show so as not to forget his time in Rome.

During the show, the queen of pop decided it was a great idea to make a depiction of the crucifixion. But she would be the one to submit to it on a shining cross and with a crown of thorns. This earned him the Pope Benedict XVI called it blasphemous and cataloged it as “a desecration of the cross.”

Two years later on his Sticky and Sweet tour, in which he passed through Rome, he would sing without any hesitation the song that earned him the highest punishment that the church gave him: “Like a Prayer”. But to others he dedicated it to Benedict.

But it is not the same situation with Francisco, who has said he seems open-minded. That is why the cordial but flirtatious invitation from the famous singer.


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