Paula, daughter of Mariana Levy, shared the truth behind the aggression she suffered: “I’m not afraid anymore”

Mariana Levy and José María Fernández “Pirru” had three children: Paula, María and José Emilio. (Photo: @paulalevyy/Instagram)

Paula Levy clarified that the photographs where she appears with blows to her face that circulated a few days ago on the internet they belong to a post he made about 3 years agowhen he was the victim of violence by his then sentimental partner and, contrary to what was speculated, it was not a post current. He also commented that the viralization of said images may be related to a threat that she would have received from her ex-boyfriend.

The daughter of Mariana Levy and Jose Maria Fernandezalso know as pirruresorted to his account Instagram to share his version behind the controversial photos he would have uploaded on his insta stories in early May, this with the intention of clarifying that her current partner, Mauricio Moctezuma is not responsible for the physical aggression he sufferedbut a person with whom he dated several years ago.

To begin with, Paula Levy explained that she felt the need to talk about the subject after two photographs emerged where she appeared with blows to her face not only because they are out of context, but also because her current boyfriend was also pointed out as the alleged culprit. Although the 22-year-old denied the rumors, she did not want to reveal the name of her real aggressor.

After what happened, Paula shared this photo with Mauricio.  (Capture: @paulalevyy/Instagram)
After what happened, Paula shared this photo with Mauricio. (Capture: @paulalevyy/Instagram)

Two years ago I uploaded a post exhibiting the blows that he [agresor]at the time, it hit me and I deleted it later. This person got angry and started threatening me with sharing some of my videos, he had been harassing me from different Instagram accounts for years and in one of his threats he said that he was going to end my relationship with Mau”, he began in a letter that he uploaded to his profile Instagram.

Talina Fernández’s granddaughter mentioned that the viralization of these images may be the result of the alleged threat she would have received from her aggressor with the intention of damaging her current courtship.

I know that this person I dated and has been harassing me for years sent all that like this to harm my relationship”, he continued.

At first, the young woman asked not to believe rumors.  (Capture: @paulalevyy/Instagram)
At first, the young woman asked not to believe rumors. (Capture: @paulalevyy/Instagram)

Despite the alleged attempts to sabotage her current relationship, Paula is in a stable romance and the situation of violence has not been repeated, on the contrary, she has found unconditional support in her partner both in her daily life and in the problem that occurred a few years ago. 3 years. It is worth mentioning that within her writing she hinted that she has already initiated a legal process against her aggressor.

“I’m fine with my boyfriend. Mau has never been a violent person and much less did I make a complaint against him. He is supporting me like never before in this whole process and it gives me peace to feel accompanied by him […] I am better than ever with Mau”, he commented.

Finally, Paula Levy shared that she is not yet ready to speak about the violence she experienced, but she hopes that one day she will be able to share her testimony safely. The sister of María and José Emilio also took advantage of the space to extend a thank you to all the people who sent her messages of encouragement in the face of the situation she experienced.

Ana Bárbara maintains a close relationship with the three children of Mariana Levy.  (Photo: Instagram/@emiliolevyy)
Ana Bárbara maintains a close relationship with the three children of Mariana Levy. (Photo: Instagram/@emiliolevyy)

I’m not ready to talk about the person who caused me all this trouble yet, but when the time comes I swear I will and to the fullest extent of the law. […] Thanks to everyone who really cared about me, I’m fine, I feel stronger than ever and, Although the threats are there, I am no longer afraid”, he concluded.

After the controversial photographs came to light, Ana Bárbara extended a message of support for whom she considers a daughter after the close relationship they built since childhood because the interpreter of the Mexican regional married Pirru months after the unfortunate death of Mariana Levy.


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