The ridiculous discussion between Vicente Serrano and Suárez Gomís that portrays a divided country

Vicente Serrano and Suárez Gomís have had different discussions for a long time. (Guillermo Angulo / via Getty Images)

Vicente Serrano and Héctor Suárez Gomís are the perfect synthesis of a divided, polarized, broken country, and all those adjectives that Enrique Krauze and Denise Dresser like very much. The worst of the two “sides” summed up in an altercation in a shopping mall. In Artz Pedregal, to be exact, because high-rise lawsuits have to take place in high-rise places. Perhaps the next fight between antis and ultras will take place at the MGM in Las Vegas.

Gomís accepted that he threw Serrano’s glasses in an interview with Joaquín López-Dóriga. The actor said that he was not proud of his actions, but that Serrano had exaggerated and that they had previously had personal differences of a financial nature. On the other hand, Serrano formally denounced the son of Héctor Suárez for physical aggression and damage to private property.. The dispute, as can be seen, went beyond the exchange of ideas? in social networks to direct insults and in person, because it was always clear that these two have marked the idea that manhood is shown “front”.

The classic junior with an air of grandeur, who feels he has the right to attack whoever he wants because he was taught that way and has been allowed to do so, and because everything is fixed by blaming impulse; and an attempt at a journalist who enjoys the spotlight, who likes to look good with his fans and belittle whoever dares to dissent; a critical journalist, who says what others are silent, and who considers Mexico a perfect country since December 1, 2018, because his complaint to Gomís was also quickly addressed. How lucky are some. The worst of two worlds, the most despicable of the two trenches that have a party to the country.

Finally, the authority will know how to determine who is telling the truth. It’s their problem. However, this bar fight, or restaurant nicewell serves to understand how far the tension that is breathed every day in political life can reach. When that climate exceeds the limits of Twitter, the problem really becomes dangerous. For many years we have believed that networks are everything, and we have built certainties based on what we see there: our intellectual or sentimental self-esteem is subject to the whims of some algorithm and our actions depend on the ideological current of fashion that catches us first.

Not to mention politics mixed with that world. AMLO can be as good and bad as he wants, but there is something undeniable: his arrival in power politicized the country like never before. But of course, with a very important mitigating factor: the ideas expressed in most of the discussions make the Gomís and Serrano on duty proud. In virtual and real life, bravado and provocation are rewarded, conditions in which the two involved in the Artz fight are experts. It is not surprising that both have hundreds of thousands of followers.

It has always been clear that in the current context nobody is interested in exchanging or contrasting points of view, but rather in reinforcing those that already exist or those that have been preconceivedly manufactured thanks to an environment to which one belongs by chance, because nobody chooses where born and where to develop. And that dynamic is perfect for guys like that, who talk loud and loud, who use profanity to give themselves authority and a rebellious spirit that millions of naive people buy from them.

On a day-to-day basis, it will be more and more normal for people to extrapolate Twitter discussions to real life. Perhaps they are happening more frequently than we think, but we have not realized it and we prefer to believe that defending our “ideas” (yes, in quotes) is the most valuable of priorities. The country will never be sufficiently divided. New insurmountable gaps will be created all the time that no one can or will control. This is how it happens: created the monster, no one is to blame.

The fight between Suárez Gomís and Serrano is much more than a cheap brawl. It is the reflection of a polarized country and everything that ends in ado, not to quote Krauze and Dresser again. The easy thing is to blame the president, who has a good deal of responsibility, but the real challenge lies in trying not to fight or argue, to test our convictions and how right or wrong we are. And that will not happen. We can keep putting the word “ideas” in quotes for a long time.