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WARNING, SPOILER ALERT. Starring Amaia Aberasturi, Amaia Salamanca, Belinda and Albert Barówelcome to eden” is a Spanish series of Netflix which tells the story of a group of young people who receive an invitation to attend an exclusive party on a secret island organized by a beverage brand. But what seems like a grand adventure soon turns into a nightmare he can’t escape.

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Of the one hundred guests, only five are selected to try the blue drink, the same one that leaves them innocent until the next day. When Zoa (Amaia Aberasturi), Africa (Belinda), Ibón (Diego Garisa), Charly (Tomy Aguilera) and Aldo (Albert Baró) wake up, they discover that the rest have already left the island and they will have to wait for the next ship.

To make their wait more pleasant, Astrid (Amaia Salamanca) and Erik (Guillermo Pfening), the founders of Fundación Edén, show them what life is like on the island, the facilities and introduce them to the members of the close-knit group. Although most are happy to stay a little longer, Aldo doesn’t trust his hosts and keeps asking questions.

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Zoa, Ibón, Charly and Africa receiving their uniforms in “Welcome to Eden” (Photo: Netflix)


When the bad weather excuse runs out of steam, Astrid and Erik must find another way to hold the stars of “welcome to eden” on the island, so they are linked to other members of the group that must carry out orders if you want to level up in the peculiar organization.

Although she bonds with Nico, Zoa, like Aldo, insists on returning home, she to join her younger sister Gaby and he to attend to his business. Meanwhile, Ibón is thrilled to escape his father’s control and Africa tries to find out more about his hosts.

When Aldo tries to escape in a small supply boat one of Astrid’s “daughters” finds him and kills him, in the same way that Zoa’s best friend Judit and Fran, an old member who was trying to help Zoa, were killed. new arrivals.

Although they seem to be a united group within the Eden Foundation, there are dissatisfied people who intend to reveal themselves at the right time. There is even someone who wants to kill Astrid and makes it clear at her anniversary party with Erik. Claudia is punished for this, but she is not the real person responsible.

After discovering her friend’s body and some of the island’s secrets, Zoa is reluctant to follow Astrid’s rules, but realizing that it’s the only way to survive she decides to pretend as she plans how to escape at the next festival.

In the penultimate episode of “welcome to eden”, Zoa, Africa, Ibón and Charly manage to pass the test to ascend to level one, Bel encourages the members of the rebellion and Brisa, the private investigator hired by Ibón’s father, is getting closer to her goal and gets closer to her goal. in contact with Gaby, who is still looking for her sister. Also, after an attack in the middle of the night, Erik is injured and to prevent the rest from finding out they turn to Isaac.

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Astrid and her team getting ready to receive the guests of the new festival in "welcome to eden" (Photo: Netflix)
Astrid and her team preparing to receive the guests of the new festival in “Welcome to Eden” (Photo: Netflix)


As everyone prepares to welcome the guests of the new festival, Africa must stay in the rooms to avoid being recognized by anyone. Angry at being excluded, the influencer desperately searches for Erik, but she finds something more interesting: a secret chamber with various monitors and machines.

When you touch one of the buttons, a giant antenna is activated that sends out a signal, what does it mean and why is the boy who saved Erik happy about it? Who really is Issac and the woman who accompanies him? What are Astrid and her partner hiding on the island?

On the other hand, Ibón cuts some cables and causes the attendees to disperse. Zoa and Charly take advantage of the commotion to escape, but first they have to get rid of Ulises. Charly manages to get to the boat, despite Maika’s drone and when Zoa is close she sees Gaby joining the party. Will she come back to save her sister? Will the investigator find Ibón?

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Maika warning Charly to desist from any escape plans at the end of "welcome to eden" (Photo: Netflix)
Maika warning Charly to desist from any escape plan at the end of “Welcome to Eden” (Photo: Netflix)