When did Cardiology fill up all the places?

Applicants to the MIR 2022.

When nine days of allocation of places are completed MIR 2022, Cardiology has managed to fill the quota of vacancies offered for this call. Specifically, the only one of the available places has been awarded to the applicant with an order number 3,403, which represents a difference of 1,047 positions compared to the previous call, when the last vacancy was granted to number 2,356 in the sixth session. As in 2021, this last applicant who has won the last place in the Cardiology offer, one of the traditionally most demanded specialties, will carry out the residency at the Merida Hospital.

After Dermatology, Plastic Surgery and Cardiology have allocated all the seats, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery could be the next to fill the slot. According to data published this Sunday by the Ministry of Health, the specialty has delivered three more seats in this session, to which the applicants 3201-3600 were summoned, so there is only one free space left. However, he could ‘get ahead’ ophthalmology that, with 12 new assignments this Sunday, reaches 98 percent of the awarded offer; there is only five vacancies without owner.

In addition, Anesthesiology and Resuscitationwith 21 assignments on this day, has awarded 97 percent of places, so only 10 of the 395 offered for this call remain available.

What MIR specialties have allocated 80% of places?

Above 80 percent of awards are other areas that could also close the process in the coming sessions. This is the case of Digestive systemwhich has been assigned to eleven doctors this Sunday, so it has completed 80 percent of the offer, or Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatology which, with 24 new MIRs, has awarded 94 percent of the openings.

In this same line, Neurosurgerywhich has been granted to five more applicants, reaches an occupancy rate of 86 percent; Otorhinolaryngology, with 7 awards, 87 percent; Y Urologywith seven new future residents, 81 percent.

specialties like Pediatric Surgery (74 percent); Endocrinology and Nutrition (70 percent); Legal and Forensic Medicine (75 percent); Neurology (78 percent); Obstetrics and Gynecology (76 percent); Pediatrics and Specific Areas (73 percent); Y Radiodiagnosis (79 percent) also show a positive evolution after nine days of processing.

What MIR specialties have a lower occupation?

On the other side of the coin are the specialties that have not been released in the award for access to Specialized Health Training (FSE). In this regard, it highlights Nuclear medicinewhich has not awarded any of its 48 places; Clinical Biochemistry, with its five places offered available; and Occupational Medicine, with its 107 holes without an owner.

Likewise, other areas have barely attracted residents, such as Allergology (8 percent); Clinical Analysis (5 percent); Pathological Anatomy (11 percent); Geriatrics (5 percent); Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (11 percent); Preventive medicine and public health (9 percent); Microbiology and Parasitology (5 percent); Clinical Neurophysiology (7 percent); Y Radiation Oncology (1 percent).

In the case of Family and Community Medicinehas only assigned 5 percent of its offer, which amounts to 2,336 places for this call.

According to Health reports, in the last 24 hours 11 queries have been sent to the CAU-Services of the applicants for the Medicine degree. All those related to the candidates summoned in the session of May 8 have been successfully closed before the election period.

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