where is the island of the Netflix series


The paradisiacal location of Welcome to Eden, Netflix’s new super youth production, is a very real place that has impressive locations.

welcome to eden
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welcome to eden It begins with a very simple question for its protagonists: “You are happy?”. Then comes the promise of sharing a good time for a group of young influencers, led by Zoa, who are invited to a paradise island to enjoy a party organized by a beverage brand. A stimulating mysterious adventure begins for these characters with the possibility of changing their lives forever, although paradise is not what it seems.

This juvenile thriller is the new proposal of Netflix which premiered on May 6 and has 8 episodes. The show is a creation of Joaquin Gorriz and Guillermo Lopez. Three months before its premiere, it was renewed for a second season, which shows the confidence of the streaming giant in this program whose main characteristic is its impressive locations.

an earthly paradise

where was it filmed welcome to eden? Those responsible for this TV program were looking for a place with certain particular characteristics. It had to be paradisiacal and at the same time transmit a very particular energy. The choice of those responsible for the locations of the show was one of the Canary Islands:Lanzarote! And boy, did they find the ideal place for their series…

The location manager Marti Marcoshighlighted that Lanzarote was perfect for the plot of the show: “First of all, our island is a paradise island. And secondly, it is also a mysterious island, in which all the characters will end up feeling trapped. Lanzarote fulfills these two ideas: it is at the same time an earthly paradise, but it is also very Martian, arid, with its volcanoes and its black earth beaches. A very lunar landscape”.

the beaches of Lanzarote They are protagonists of the show and appear in many moments of the series. The main location is Caletón Blanco, which corresponds to the Fundación beach in the plot. Mark says that he is “shocking” in their differences between low and high tides: “You can bathe in blue waters that look like you are in the Caribbean and, when it is low tide, you can enter and walk hundreds of meters inland”.

Every paradise has its remote place and in this case it is the Montaña Bermeja beach. With black sand and red rocks in the background, an important meeting between the characters of Aberasturi and Vargas takes place in this mysterious place. Perfect for the plot of the series, this location is, according to Marcos, “un absolutely spectacular landscape and at the same time quite hostile and aggressive”.

Some of the places welcome to eden they seem from another planet and the volcanic zones of Lanzarote. The Cuervo Volcano stands out, which is located in the Volcanoes National Park. The characters walk the path of this magnificent space in which they can even access the interior of the crater. There was also time to shoot the Mountain Drive for these sequences of the show. A luxury!