Why did Ricardo Montaner cancel his concert in Culiacán?

Dressed and rowdy, this is how the hundreds of people who gathered this Friday in the parking lot of the Livestock Fair were left to enjoy what would be the concert by Venezuelan Ricardo Montaner, who would perform within the new SAS-ISIC Spring 2022 Season.

Five years after his last visit to Culiacán, the public was excited to see the singer again, who promptly arrived at the place, hoping to enjoy a night full of romance and nostalgia in each of the melodies.

However, it was not like that, after 40 minutes of delay, the publication began to be anxious, waiting for the singer to leave, who with applause sought to speed up the start of the concert, scheduled to start at 8:30 p.m.

It was then that Leonor Quijada, director of the Sinaloense Artistic Society, arrived on stage, who with a slightly cracked voice, announced what no one expected to hear, the concert had been canceled, causing the annoyance of the public, who with whistles and shouts showed their disappointment. .

The director thanked everyone for attending, as well as all those who, like her, dreamed of having this concert tonight, and that all the time they have been able to do projects and shows for Sinaloans, it has always been with great pride.

“On this occasion, with great sadness and concern, we want to thank you and ask for your understanding because we have had an unprecedented technical problem in this type of event. The best production was contracted, with the best company, they are very delicate teams, and Eduardo Soto, who is Montaner’s production manager, accompanies me here, who for the last hour were doing a great job, and everything humanly possible so that the consoles that they make it possible for the concert to be heard and work, unfortunately it is a very big technical failure, it transcends us, we have no way of solving it, thus canceling the concert”.

Quijada added that they are already talking to Ricardo Montaner’s producer about a new date for the concert to take place. That said, the crowd was upset, booing and chanting for the event’s cancellation just minutes after it began.

“Let Montaner come out, let him say it”, “we want our money back”, were some of the phrases that could be heard among the attendees, making the director of the SAS silent at times, and annoyed they got up from their seats. chairs to leave the place.

“I also want Ricardo Montaner to be with us, he had a concert at the National Auditorium the day before yesterday, also at the Monterrey Arena and here in Culiacán he has an audience as special as this one, that’s why it’s full, we’re going to reschedule the concert,” he explained. .

Quijada explained that at the time the consoles were declared dead, the singer took the flight back to the city where he will perform later, supposedly leaving the singer a message to Sinaloans through their social networks.

In his speech, Eduardo Soto explained that his team did everything humanly possible and with the best will on the part of all the engineers, speaking to Mexico, Argentina, looking for the best consoles, unfortunately this happened, and as Leonor said, it will be rescheduled a new date.

“I also feel disappointed like you for not having a concert tonight and I want to thank the SAS team, the sponsors, really the days they were working under the sun to carry out this event, it was a very expensive concert and the production was too. We want to tell you that the concert is going to be rescheduled, we will return the money, we thank you very much and we are at your service”, highlighted Leonor Quijada.

Hours later, the office of the Sinaloense Artistic Society released a brief statement regretting the inconvenience caused to the public by the cancellation of the concert and agreed to resolve the situation, hoping to have the possibility of a new date for the concert.

Montaner regrets cancellation

After the cancellation of the concert, through his twitter account, Ricardo Montaner sent a message to all his fans in Culiacán.

Friends of #CULIACÁN upon landing at the city airport, the production informed me that a failure of the power plants in #FeriaGanadera collapsed the sound and lighting consoles and that they would have no possibility of repair. I am very sad and sorry, I never imagined this.

My great illusion was this reunion that has been postponed several times due to what humanity experienced due to Covid-19. Last night at the end of the Monterrey Arena, I commented on how much I wanted to sing and that today’s concert (on the 23rd) would be the best of all with you there.

I am sure that God is in control and that he manages our plans and agendas for the good of the one who loves him. I pray that it will be very soon that we meet again. I love you with all my heart Ricardo.