Yuri wants Anahí and Fernanda Castillo for his bioseries; LGBT+ community disapproves

Yuri wants Anahí and Fernanda Castillo in his bioserie (Photo: Instagram/@fernandacga) Photo: @anahi/ Instagram Cuartoscuro.com Moisés Pablo

The relationship between Yuri and the community LGBT+ seems not to reach a peace truce and therefore everything related to the singer is usually in the public eye. Now, with the news that a bioseries format project about her life is being carried out, the jarocha has revealed the actresses she would like to play her, but it would be with one of them that the fans have quickly asked her not to accept the proposal because it could harm her, since a large part of her fans are people belonging to sexual diversity.

Yuri has already revealed the first details about his great project that could finally see the light of day in 2023, however his confession of loving Anahí Y Fernando Castillo within the project interpreting her at different stages of her life has not been to the liking of the fans of the RBD.

In the most recent issue of come the joyafter being questioned about this situation, Yuri confessed: “Both are divine, both are beautiful, much prettier than me. I would love either of them, well at different stages, because Fernanda is a little more mature than Anahí, but they are both divine”, he expressed.

The singer changed the dates of her new musical tour (Photo: Instagram/@oficialyuri)
The singer changed the dates of her new musical tour (Photo: Instagram/@oficialyuri)

Now, on social networks, fans of the interpreter of songs like save me, my delirium Y I do not want to forget you The singer has been asked not to accept her colleague’s proposalbecause the movement and hashtag #YuriLaMenos It has not been forgotten, quite the contrary, it has grown after the wave of statements and confrontations that the jarocha has had in various interviews, leaving a bad taste in the mouth of the LGBT+ community.

“Yuri the least is not going to come to harm Anahí with her bioseries, to begin with she knows that most of his fans are gay and lesbian, so playing that role would be a motherfucker for us.” “Yes Anahí does not even want to return to music, that she makes that homophobic lady think that she can get her to play her in her bioseries that nobody asked for and nobody wants to see.” “Anahí is very smart and knows that she cannot betray her fans and the ideology that she has defended for years even in songs like Freedomwith Christian Chavez”, they expressed in Twitter.

Anahí's fans don't want her to accept the role Photo: Instagram/@anahi
Anahí’s fans don’t want her to accept the role Photo: Instagram/@anahi

During the same interview, the singer added that she would wait for the approval of her producer to be able to invite the artists to the call for the recordings of the series:

“If the producer says yes, Of course I’d be happy to talk to you.”, Well, she assured that she is not afraid of making the proposal herself: “I have no hesitation in saying: ‘Oh no, that I talk to him like that’, oh, why not? If they are partners, they are artists, they are beautiful, they are successful. We are reading, in two weeks, the first draft of the first chapter and the producer has already told me, and I think that next year it will be done, “she described before the cameras.

"yurilaless" began after his controversial participation in "The Most Dredger" 4 Photo: Darkroom
“YuriLaMenos” began after his controversial participation in “La Más Draga” 4 Photo: Cuartoscuro

Despite her confession and the controversy with the LGBT+ community, the wishes of the interpreter of songs like Damn Spring, behind my window Y One more lie seem impossible, at least because of the participation of the leader of RBD, since just a few days ago she assured that she will never sing again and the idea that she will return to her role as an actress has vanished, because although in the past she had hinted that it could only be with a project of minimum duration and that really convinced her, now she has confirmed that she will not return to soap operas, although she remembers them with great affection.

Thank you very much, but I think that this is a beautiful memory in my life, but”, he expressed, although he also distanced himself from all the rumors that exist about a possible bioseries of the band, a recent interview for the channel Youtube from Tony StarsTV.


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