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The grand finale of “365 DNI” (“365 Days” in English or “365 days” in Spanish) has shocked fans of the Netflix saga, who seek to know more about its main characters and actors, Massimo Torricelli (Michele Morrone) and Laura Biel (Anna-Maria Sieklucka).

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And it is that the announcement of the platform of a third installment of the saga of tapes based in the novels of Blanka Lipinska it has only increased the expectation of the followers, who have placed the film in the Netflix Top 10.

Among the characters that have aroused the greatest interest in fans is the protagonist Anna-Maria Siekluckawho plays Laura Biel.

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1. She has a boyfriend who is not an actor

After the release of the second part of the saga, much was speculated about a relationship between the protagonists Michele Morrone and Anna Maria Sieklucka. However, the first is married and the second has a boyfriend who does not belong to the world of acting and whom she does not want to expose.

2. Has little experience

Although the scenes that Anna Marie records seem to be performed by an experienced actress, the truth is that she is a novice in acting, since she has only participated in a Polish program, leaving the young woman as one of the lucky few to achieve fame with little traveled path.

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3. Handles 4 languages

Being a polyglot is very complicated, as many people struggle to learn a language other than their native one. But this is not the case for Anna Marie, who is fluent in Polish, German, English and French.

4. She is shy

Although in “365 days”, Laura Biel, the character of Anna-Marie, is the opposite of shy, in real life this characteristic is remarkable in her, coming to cause problems in scenes such as the nude in the second film.

5. He likes to travel

On more than one occasion Anna Marie has bragged about her travels, sharing her visits to countries and cities such as Gran Canaria, Italy and Mexico on her social networks.

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6. He is an influencer

With 4.2 million followers on Instagram, the actress is one of the most subscribed this year, mainly thanks to her role in 365 days.

7. He is a discreet person

In general, celebrities and influencers on social networks are very active on social networks, where they share their activities on a daily basis, the Polish actress is a different case, since she usually keeps her private life away from the cameras.

8. She is an actress by profession

Although schools do not provide talent, they often allow people to hone their skills, as is the case with Anna Maria, who attended the Ludwik Solski State Theater School in Poland, where she studied acting.

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9. Place of birth

The actress was born in Lublin, Poland, but moved to Warsaw, the capital of the Central European country. Although she has not shown any interest in moving, it is possible that she will in time to tempt new projects.

10. She is a model

Many models try, successfully or not, the role of actresses, but in the case of the protagonist of “365 days” this is different, because first she dedicated herself to acting and then she tried the catwalks, from where she has several photos on her social media.