8 Body Language Signs In Amber Heard’s Testimony That Were Recognized By An Expert

Body language expert Judi James did an analysis for the newspaper “MailOnline”, in which she identified several signs during Amber Heard’s testimony.

Below we detail point by point, the most interesting gestures that occurred during his statement, and the meaning of each of them. Advertisements

1. At first Amber replied with a smile in an attempt to “humanize” her and create an emotional bond

When Amber Heard took the stand, she began by answering questions about her life before she was famous and about her daughter.

The actress answered these questions with a smile and an optimistic tone, which could be an attempt to “humanize” her before the jury, and create empathy or an emotional bond with the audience.


2. When she recounted her alleged rape, she seemed to cry, but without really shedding tears

When the actress recounted the alleged acts of violence and rape, she was visibly affected, wrinkling her nose and crying, however, many noted that she did not really shed tears.

According to expert Judi James, people who tell the truth start to cry easily when recounting a traumatic event, while Amber seemed to have these emotions truncated.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that he lied, but it could mean that he still has mixed feelings about it.

3. His hand gestures were authentic when recounting the alleged events

According to expert Judi James, Amber Heard’s hand gestures seemed authentic.

Heard gestured a lot with her hands before she said the words. This is a sign of authenticity, because it often means that the person is visualizing in her head what he is trying to say.

4. She was looking at Depp directly, while he avoided eye contact, which means a sign of dominance and power

On several occasions, Amber stared at Johnny Depp during his testimony, while he kept his head down most of the time.

This can mean a sign of dominance and power, but it can also be a confrontational sign of openness and honesty.

5. Amber Heard was “emotional” at the beginning of the trial, and later in her testimony she went from laughing to crying

Throughout the trial, Amber Heard was stoic and emotionless as she listened to the alleged events she experienced with Depp.

However, when she took the stand, Amber Heard was full of emotions, going from happiness and laughter, to tears and pain on several occasions.

Both behaviors are a bit incongruous, unlike the behavior of Johnny Depp, who maintained the same dynamic throughout the trial.


6. Amber was staring at the jury trying to make personal connections, while Johnny was more shy and hunched over.

As Amber answered the questions, she would stare at the jury trying to personally connect with each one of them.

This is quite an effective technique, as people feel more empathy for someone who is staring at them, rather than someone who is coy as Depp did in his statement.

However, this may have been behavior advised by their own lawyers.

7. Amber combed her hair to the side so the jury can see her face clearly.

Another curious detail is that Amber Heard had her hair tied on the right side, which means that the jury could see her face clearly.

This is another point in her favor, since the jury could see Amber Heard’s face at all times and easily empathize with everything she said.


8. The expert concluded that Amber Heard’s body language was “ambiguous”

Judi James told MailOnline that it is very difficult to read Amber Heard’s body language as she is an actress so she has more experience and ease than an ordinary person.

For this reason, there were times when Heard’s body language seemed genuine, but at other times her movements seemed incongruous or overacted.