Beautiful actress of the Cine de Oro would have taken her own life due to lack of love caused by Cantinflas

Miroslava Stern She was without a doubt one of the greatest female figures of the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema, as she dazzled with her dimpeccable histrionic technique and for its extraordinary beautyhowever, his end was extremely tragic because I end up taking my own life and everything points to the fact that it was due to a spite caused by nothing more and nothing less than the very Mario Moreno “Cantinflas”, so below we will tell you everything we know about this tragic episode, in addition, we will make a brief review of the life and work of the beautiful actress.

The full name of the actress was Miroslava Sternova Bekova, was born on February 26, 1926 in Prague, which is the current capital of the Czech Republic and it is known that He had a very hard childhood because he did not know his biological parents, however, she was adopted by a Jewish couple, who were able to give her a good life, however, when the Second World War broke out they had to escape, but this was not easy because Before they arrived in Mexico, they were prisoners in a concentration camp.

Miroslava Stern became a legend of Mexican cinema in a very short time. Photo: Special

When Miroslava Stern arrived in Mexico she was around 15 years old, however, her father decided to send her to study in New York, United States, but it is said that It was in “The Big Apple” where he had a first suicide attempt after having ended her relationship with a US military officer and for this reason she had to return to Mexico where she studied design, painting and clothing.

In another moment of his adolescence, Miroslava Stern began her acting career Upon winning a scholarship to study in California, United States, however, it was at this time that her mother died of cancer and this led the actress to a deep depression that led to her death. second suicide attemptFortunately, she did not achieve her goal and took refuge in acting, beginning her film career in 1946 with the film called “Tragic Weddings” with which she quickly established herself as one of the greatest female figures in Mexican cinema.

Miroslava Stern’s beauty was overwhelming. Photo: Special

The rise to fame of Miroslava Stern was truly meteoric and by 1947 he was already rubbing shoulders with great artists, including Mario Moreno “Cantinflas”, with whom he shared credits in “Let’s Fly Young” and since then would have started a romantic relationship with the famous comedian, who would have promised him on different occasions to divorce, but this simply never happened and out of spite ended up taking his own life on March 9, 1955 after having consumed high amounts of barbiturates, he was just 29 years old.

throughout his career Miroslava Stern participated in more than 30 filmssome of them recorded in Hollywood and came to participate with the greatest figures of the so-called Golden Age of Mexican Cinema, among them Pedro Infante, Pero Armendáriz and Arturo de Córdova, with whom it is said that he also had fleeting romances.

Mario Moreno never spoke of the alleged affair he had with Stern. Photo: Special

After the death of the actress, Mario Moreno “Cantinflas” never spoke about itbut friends close to the actress argued that he was the reason why Miroslava Stern decided to take her own life.


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