Mhoni Seer. Horoscope for the week May 9 to 12, 2022

During this week, the signs of the zodiac will be governed by two very important astrological movements: the Crescent Moon in Leo and Jupiter in Aries with Mercury Retrograde in Geminiso they will be key dates to renew good energies.

For this, Mhoni Seer has decided to share his predictions through the tarot cards in this weekly horoscopeto know in detail what the stars have in store for the zodiac in matters of money, love and health.

Remember that at this beginning of the week, it will be very important to exercise creativity and emotional intelligence to face new challenges in your own way, because the stars will be on your side to achieve your goals.


You got the letter from La Estrella, this will give you prosperity. Remember to ask for everything you want and be in a positive mood. Keep toxic people away from your life who are not good, you are very enduring and that makes you be with someone who is not for you. This week you will be able to make important decisions in your life, you will go on a trip for work reasons, you will receive money that they owed you or they will give you a bonus for your work performance.

Do not be afraid of what they will say, you go ahead, that one of your virtues is to be original. You will continue to be very stable with your partner, just try not to drown the relationship and give each other your time. Single Aries will have passionate love with Capricorn or Virgo. Your lucky day will be May 11 and your numbers are 01, 23 and 27. Try to use strong colors to attract abundance.


The letter from El Loco will govern your week, which gives good energies, which multiply on your birthday. You will have days of pleasant surprises. Do new business because they will give you very good results, just beware of envy, this card warns you, protect yourself with holy water.

To the Taurus who is in a love relationship, The Fool’s card recommends that you be calm and not be jealous for no reasonHe is in a stable relationship. In your work they will give you the opportunity to grow more with a new position. Beware of bumps or falls, try to walk carefully on the street. You will have a stroke of luck on May 12 with the numbers 07, 12 and 39.


The Tower card will define your next days, this letter will fill you with great achievements. If you are fixing something professional, it will work out in your favor. The purchase of a house or apartment will help you build a heritage in your life. You will be invited to a trip with your partner. You will celebrate the birthday of a family member and you will throw a party to bring your loved ones together.

The Tower card indicates that a promotion will come to your working life, so try to take advantage of this hot streak. These are times of personal change, remember that as they see you, they treat you. Mhoni Seer reveals that your lucky day is May 13, with the numbers 05, 19 and 33. Use the color yellow because it will help you have more happiness.


The letter of Justice appeared. You will have work achievements. Do not be afraid of the future, risk radical changes, success is assured, just try to be more prudent. Take sun rays in the morning dressed in light clothes so that your energy multiplies, you will see that everything will go very well. You will remain stable with your love partner, do not look for lawsuits where there are none.

Cancers who are single will have a love of the sign of Pisces or Scorpio. Keep studying, take a law and administration course, that will help you in your future. Your lucky day will be May 10 with the numbers 03, 08 and 21. If you plan to buy a house or apartment, do it. Be careful what you speak, try not to get into gossip. Go to the doctor, you will have allergy problems or an intestinal infection.


You have the Temperance card, this is very good luck. You will have a lot of power these days to make the necessary changes and be better. You must be very careful in your actions and decisions, this card warns you of the bad intentions of the people around you, try to be very careful with what you sign and who you tell about your business.

You will see a change in the workplace with an economic increase. In love, you will continue to be a conqueror and you will have two loves at the same time. Your sign is dominated by passion before reason. A relative will look for you to invite you to a meeting. He tries not to bother you about anything. Continue with the exercise that will help you to be calmer. Your lucky day will be May 9 and your numbers are 01, 06 and 23. Use the color orange to attract happiness.


You got the letter from The Hermit. Follow your good streak in a matter of new projects, do not talk about them so that they are achieved. In the work and school environment, you will have mixed energies. Try not to fight and always stay calm, analyze what you are going to do. An opportunity for growth will come to you in all aspects.

Your best day will be May 13. A lucky break will come in the lottery with the numbers 10, 15 and 20. Be careful with losses, take better care of your belongings. Finally, that person you like so much will say yes, and you will maintain a stable relationship. Virgos who are in a relationship get a firm commitment to emotional stability.


You got the letter El Mundo. The spiritual strength will be yours, whatever you want to make changes in your life, you will be victorious. Arrange the legal matters that you have pending. Remember that it is time to grow in your heritage. Mhoni Seer recommends that it is better to study another language and go on a trip, so you will have more opportunities for job growth. In love, it is time to be committed and maintain a more stable relationship.

Libras who are single will be more compatible with Gemini and Aquarius.. At work, you will have relocation meetings, so talk to your boss about that opportunity you want so much. Your day will be May 11 with the numbers 02, 17 and 21. Light a white candle on that day, and you will have more luck. They give you a pet that will make you very happy. You will receive an award at your school for your good grades.


the letter of The Carriage is the one that touched you. You are at the crucial moment in your life to grow in all ways. Remember that you are a business and political leader. May 10 will be your best day, you will be very lucky in everything you set out to do. In your work they will decide to change personnel. You will buy plane tickets to go on a trip these days.

Take a course so you are more prepared. In love, someone from the Aries or Virgo sign will look for you, they will want to have a relationship again. Exercise and get fit. Scorpios who are married, try not to fight with your partner anymore and be calm. Remember that jealousy is an insecurity problem, so try to be calmer. Take care of headaches and backaches, go to the doctor. Your numbers are 05, 24 and 33. Your color of abundance is yellow.


You have the card of The Magician. You will be recognized this week in everything you do. They will be very good days for you, you will receive several business proposals. Be careful what you say and try not to get into gossip. The love you want so much will come to you. May 14 will be a day of change for the better.

Ask for abundance to come to you and what was not for you, to leave. You will have a lot of work this week, try not to fight and carry out your work performance. You will get extra money for a debt. You are the strongest of the zodiac signsTherefore, you should take leadership and mental wisdom classes, that will help you to be more successful. Your lucky numbers are 19, 28 and 60. Use white more.


You got the letter The Wheel of Fortune, means that your great professional performance will make you grow a lot as a person. Your sign is the most intelligent of the Zodiac, that’s why success will come to you without problems. You are going through a good economic streak, do not waste it at parties, or with friends. Save your assets for the future.

Your best compatibility is Aries and Scorpio. Capricorns who are single, someone from the Pisces or Leo sign will look for them to have a love affair without commitment. Mhoni Seer reveals that your day is May 13, an economic abundance will come to you. Your lucky numbers are 01, 30 and 44. In life you talk, you don’t fight. You need to control your temper.


Ace of Cups card arrived, so good luck will be on your side. Now you can start that business that you have at the door and the job change that you want so much. Someone powerful will help you grow financially, just beware of envy. Carry a green lemon in your bag to cut out the negative.

You will receive the invitation to go on a trip. You will receive an income thanks to a bonus. You will have a prize in the lottery on May 11 with the numbers 00, 15 and 26. Use green and white colors more, they will be lucky for you. Remember that you must save for your future and not just live for the moment. Take a self-improvement and marketing course. They give you a pet, which will give you a lot of joy.


You got the card The Emperorimplies that It’s time for you to grow professionally and personally. It is very easy for you to talk to people of business power, with this you will have better job opportunities. You are at that moment of having a stable relationship in your love life.

In terms of work, they offer you a better job, with a higher salary, but you will have to change the city or country. Mhoni Seer advises that you no longer ask for favors, it is better that you solve your problems. You will have a great day on May 13. The magic numbers are 08, 37 and 50. Use a lot of perfume before leaving the house to cut off any negative current. Use the colors red and blue.