Michael Stuart played Juan Gabriel and won Univision’s “Your face sounds like me”

the salsa singer michael stuart was proclaimed on Sunday night the winner of “Your face is familiar to me”, from Univision. Throughout the competition, the 47-year-old interpreter positioned himself as one of the favorites, regardless of the fact that it was his first experience in a reality show.

With his performances as “Daddy Yankee” Y “Celia Cruz”the exponent of the musical successes “Love at first sight” and “Imagining your love”, who launched his first production -“Cuentos de la vecindad”- in 1996, managed to earn the respect and admiration of the public and the Panel of Judges composed by Angelica Vale, Charytin Goyco, Eden Munoz Y Victor Manuelle. Once the decision was made known, followers of the artist and the television space went to social networks to express themselves.

“Michael Stuart is the winner of this season of ‘Your face rings a bell’ 2022. Congratulations!”, they wrote on the Instagram account of the “reality”.

“‘And it is’. And with this, let there be no doubt about who you are. You have a world at your feet, to reap new successes that I, as a Puerto Rican and a salsa artist, will be waiting to enjoy to the fullest”, said Alicia Rivera. “Michael Stuart, excellent human being and you were spectacular in all the presentations. Celia Cruz’s and today’s, Juan Gabriel’s. You were my favourite. I really said it from the first presentation, that you were going to be the winner. Many Blessings. God bless you, ”said Betzaida Marrero Molina on her part.

During the final gala, the co-host of the disappeared program “Vive to nite”, personified the late Mexican singer-songwriter John Gabriel. Just like last week with Celia Cruz, the nominee for latin grammy in 2005 he wowed everyone in the studio with his excellent imitation skills.

With the grand prize of $50,000, the exponent will support the Ola del Cielo foundation, dedicated to offering bodyboarding clinics and therapies to children and young people with Down Syndrome.

Last March, before the reality show began, Stuart said in an interview with The new day that being in “Your face sounds like me” was not easy. However, despite the fact that the days of rehearsals and preparation were exhausting, he was thoroughly enjoying it as it was a new facet in his career.

“My fear is that Christian (Daniel) takes all the girls away from me,” he replied jokingly after being asked what his greatest fear was once the cameras turned on. “It is not fear, because we leave fear in the drawer. It’s that anxiety that one knows how complicated it is to get into someone else’s pants and that you have to look good, you have to do it well. The artists are going to be aware –surely- of how it turned out, what you did wrong, what you did ugly. And I think that’s what makes me anxious, that people and that artist can see that a genuine and serious work was done “, the singer explained.

Regarding the exposure to criticism, the presenter assured that he was ready to face them. He also pointed out that he would use the denials to his advantage, and the strategy seemed to work for him.

“Easy. Ignore them, read them, listen to them, analyze them if they make sense, if it is something that can help me. If not, then I just turn the page and if I know that it is something that is, that I realized, well look, criticism is always good, even the bad ones because I transform the bad ones, I turn them into the best I can . And the good ones, well, you can’t hold on to the good reviews and be overconfident. I do not listen to destructive criticism, ”he pointed out.

“Your face sounds to me” arrived at Univision in 2020, based on the British “show” “Your Face Sounds Familiar”. the mexican singer the dasa was proclaimed the winner, while the Puerto Rican interpreter Melina Leon surprised with his characterizations of Gloria Estefan Y Olga Tanon in his attempt to win the grand prize for the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation of Puerto Rico.