Netflix: the film in which Daniel Craig and Tom Hardy succeeded before being James Bond and Venom

Before Daniel Craig Y Tom Hardy would become James Bond Y Venomrespectively, the actors worked together in an impressive film that catapulted their careers in 2004, and that you can currently see on the streaming platform of Netflix.

In 2004 the director Matthew Vaughn He was only recognized for his work as a screenwriter and producer, but it was in that year that he premiered his first film: layer cakewhich featured Daniel Craig, Michael Gambon, Tom Hardy, jamie foreman, sally hawkins Y Sienna Miller.

The film was low budget and only had a total of $6.5 million, so it only reached a limited number of theaters around the world. However, the critics gave it an excellent rating and over time it has earned its recognition within the story.

Daniel Craig got his audition for James Bond thanks to this role. Photo: Archive

This is how it impacted the career of Craig and Hardy

In fact, the performance of Craig was applauded and it was what earned him the ticket to be considered to replace Pierce Brosnan In the role of James Bonda role he would get and in 2006 he would appear as the new agent 007.

While in the case of Tom Hardy it helped put him on the radar of more directors, although they considered him a bit young since he was only 26 years old at the time. But he managed shares in Marie Antoinette, sucker-punch, RocknRolla Y Bronsonbut it would not be until 2010 when the role that would take him to stardom with The origin (inception).

Why watch Layer Cake?

The general opinion of film critics was positive, while specialized sites such as Rotten Tomatoes gave him a passing grade of 80 percent, while metacritic gave it a score of 73 percent.

Something that the general opinions highlighted was that the film did not strive to be “intelligent”, while the performances felt natural and fluid, the story takes the audience to “real” scenarios, raw and strong, but they mainly seek to impact.

On the other hand, they appreciated that Matthew Vaughn he wouldn’t want to copy the style of the two films he previously produced: snatch Y Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrelsbut mainly opted for his own style.

When he appeared in Layer Cake, Tom Hardy was only 26 years old. Photo: Archive

What is the movie about?

Having amassed a considerable amount of money, a London cocaine dealer (Daniel Craig) is preparing to leave England and start a new life.

However, his plans do not coincide with those of his boss Jimmy Price (Kenneth Cranham), who wants to commission one last job from him.

This London salesman, who all the time remained anonymous, will see his life at risk by interacting with people he does not know and who hinder him more than help him, so his plan to leave the drug business will not be as easy as he thought. and your life could even be at risk.

This shocking film that has several unexpected twists and turns that will take the viewer to the edge of their seat, is one of the best options to see in Netflixso we recommend you see it.

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