Sainte Devote: Charlene from Monaco reappears smiling and relaxed in her second public act in a week | People

Alberto de Mónaco already announced it on May 6 at the entrance to the Artic Ocean Gala, a charity event in the Swedish city of Gothenburg: “Charlene is doing very well, thank you. You have already seen it. She has made a public appearance and will make more public appearances in the future.” Only two days after these statements, that he picked up the newspaper The Expressen, Charlene de Monaco has returned to attend an official engagement. The 44-year-old princess, accompanied by her children, the twins Jacques and Gabriella, and her husband attended the traditional Sainte Devote rugby tournament, which had not been held for two editions due to the coronavirus pandemic .

Charlene herself has shared the images of the sporting event on her official Instagram account, where she could be seen smiling and relaxed, enjoying the competition and the company of her family. In one of the photographs, Jacques and Gabrielle de Monaco, who turned 7 in December, appear smiling and hugging their mother. “Great day at St Devote. God bless you all”, the princess has written in the message that accompanies the snapshots.

Little by little, normality seems to settle in the lives of the Grimaldi, who during the last 15 months have seen how Princess Charlene completely disappeared from public life due to her physical and mental health problems. First it was a serious throat and ear infection contracted in South Africa, which prevented the princess from returning to Monaco when scheduled. The princess’s health problems did not seem to be solved and the information that pointed to a possible divorce became increasingly common. It was then that Prince Albert gave an interview to People to clarify the situation. “Charlene has not gone into exile,” insisted the son of Rainier and Grace Kelly. “She didn’t she left because she was mad at me or someone else. She went to South Africa to check out her foundation’s work there and to spend some time with her brother and her friends,” she said. “It was supposed to be a week-long stay, ten days maximum, and she is still there because of her infection and all the medical complications that have come up.”

Later, Charlene’s mental health also suffered a profound setback and she had to be admitted to a clinic to recover from what Alberto de Monaco defined as “profound physical and mental exhaustion”. It was then that the sovereign insisted again that the disappearance of his wife from public life had nothing to do with her relationship, but simply for health reasons. “Since I know there are rumors, let me say: this is not covid. And it’s not related to cancer. Nor is it a problem of our personal relationship. And if we want to discuss another speculation, it is not related to cosmetic surgery at all, ”he settled then in another interview also in People. “She needs privacy; As a family we need privacy. She needs time to rest in the best environment possible. When public figures have health issues, they deserve privacy just like anyone else. I hope everyone understands. Give us the time we need; give her the time she needs to heal, get better and be back with her family in Monaco. Charlene never asked to have these issues, but they are there, unfortunately, and we need space and privacy to address them,” he concluded.

That time seems to have come and Charlene, with these two public appearances in one week, seems to be sending a clear message that her public acts are not going to be exceptional. What is currently unknown is whether the princess of Monaco will continue to reside in the same house in which she took refuge to recover from her health problems or will return to the Grimaldi Palace, where Alberto de Monaco resides with little Jacques and Gabrielle.