She does set fashion! María León and the secrets to always be in trend

the world of fashion has many secrets forever look on trend and perfect, it is only enough to pay attention to all the looks, because in addition to those that are on the catwalks of the most luxurious clothing brands, those of the famous ones reveal many techniques with which you can experiment, try new styles and even try to bring out the most extroverted and maximalist side that someone could wear, such as wearing tennis shoes of different colors or models.

Singer Mary Leon has become that reference that all people seek to always look good, because the also actress not only has one of the best styles, but is also a reference in the world of fashion and their looks confirm it; It is enough to pay attention to what is used and how it should be worn to take advantage of both the garment and the shape of the body, because the clothes do “magic” and are capable of stylizing the figure if desired.

And if we can advance something of the personal style of Mary Leon is that he always has the best secrets to have from an elegant image to a more casual and with all the trends of the moment, such as street style, as well as what to wear to stylize the body. In addition, she knows how to make footwear always the protagonist in her looks, and in addition to daring to wear tennis of different colorsmakes others like military boots become the perfect option to wear.

Tops are basic in María León’s wardrobe. (Photo: Instagram @sargentoleon)

monochrome looks

One of the looks with which the actress also gave a lot to talk about was wearing blue as the protagonist in all her clothes, as it is perfect to have a casual image without neglecting elegance, especially if you wear the correct clothing and possessions. On the one hand, flared pants can no longer be missing from the wardrobe and the Mexican woman knows this better than anyone, especially when it comes to high-waisted designs.

The next secret to look perfect is to wear the tucked-in blouse, since this gives an image of kilometric legs and also helps to mark the waist. On the other hand, the width of the legs in the pants helps to create harmony in the figure and create a curvy silhouette.

In addition, with her looks, María León showed that tennis shoes are always the best option to wear. (Photo: Instagram @sargentoleon)

Bend the ring, when yes and when not?

One of the most common debates this 2022 is whether or not the hem of the pants can be folded and depending on Mary Leonthe answer is yes, especially when you want to shorten your figure, a secret that many tall people put into practice, or if, on the contrary, what you are looking for is to make your shoes stand out, as the interpreter of “Perro Love” by wearing baggy jeans with the I roll slightly bent to highlight your colored sneakers.

María León set a new trend by wearing sneakers of different styles. (Photo: Instagram @sargentoleon)

Likewise, it can be applied with other cuts such as baggy jeans that have also become one of the basics of the wardrobe. Of course, for this style, it is best to let the roll be a little thicker, especially if it is worn with military boots, because fashion lovers, like the singer, know that one of the most common mistakes is trying to put the jeans inside the boots.

María León always opts for printed blouses. (Photo: Instagram @sargentoleon)

Loose pants to stretch the figure

Baggy pants also have another great function and that is to lengthen the figure, so people with petite bodies can join this trend with which Mary Leon has made it clear that the fundamental thing is to bring wide hoods and that they help to hide the footwear, since the latter is just what allows to achieve an image of long legs and even, underneath they can wear heels, but always trying not to see them.

The best part of looks like this is that if you go for tops that expose the abdomen, the body can be seen even more elongated, of course to achieve this you must go for a monochromatic combination with a touch of extra color, either in accessories or in a garment, like this flowery blazer.

The singer knows that a monochromatic look can have an extra touch of color. (Photo: Instagram @sargentoleon)

Mini dresses with geometric prints

Finally, as a good sports lover, the interpreter of “Te quedas sin mí”, also usually exposes her shapely legs when wearing tiny dresses which are perfect for this spring and that also leave the classic flowery prints, to wear geometric designs.

An idea to use them is with black stockings, in addition to looking for designs with long sleeves and a high neck.

María León also stays in trend with the best hairstyles. (Photo: Instagram @sargentoleon)


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