The radical physical change of Wesley Snipes after overcoming a losing streak (and jail) – Movie News

The well-known action movie actor reappeared on the red carpet at the Oscars.

In the 90s, Wesley Snipes was one of the box office dominating actors. Among his successes are New Jack City, Demolition Man, The whites do not know how to put it and of course the series Blade, which made him the Marvel vampire slayer with the occasional license. He worked in thrillers, action films, comedies… he came to collect 13 million dollars for Blade: Trinitybut, in a matter of a few years, his fame and career went to waste.

It had been a long time since he was news in the media but his appearance on the red carpet of the last edition of the Oscar Awards has caused people to talk. Snipes is far from that physique he sported in the early 2000s, even from his appearance in the mercenaries 3 (2014). He is now visibly thinner.

His appearance generated a lot of comments from fans worried about the change. “Is #WesleySnipes okay? He’s lost a lot of weight and even his voice sounds breathy. #Oscars Hope all is well”, wrote user EZBreezyT. Many others joked that they had not recognized him. “It’s not RuPaul, it’s Wesley Snipes,” another message read. In case you were wondering, there is no news of him suffering from an illness.

Although it may seem that Snipes’ thinness is due to a bad period in his life, the truth is that the actor is at his best for a long time. In the mid-2000s, there was talk that he was someone who was difficult to work with. Since 2005 she has chained a series of films that were direct to video, with a quality far removed from what she had previously starred in. At the end of this decade, the law crossed her path to finish off her losing streak.

In 2008, he was sentenced to three years in prison and forced to pay a $5 million fine for failing to file $15 million worth of taxes. In 2010 he was imprisoned and, after two and a half years behind bars, he was released in 2013. In an interview with Guardian He talked about his time in prison, which he calls “camp”. He assures that he learned to appreciate the value of time and realized that it must be invested in important things, such as family. “I hope I turned out a better person. I came out a clearer person, with values ​​and a clearer purpose. Clearer about my relationship with my ancestors and the great god and great deity above. More clear about what I was going to do once I got my freedom back,” says Snipes.

Since he got out of prison not much has been said about him but, little by little, he has started a new stage in his career hand in hand with good friends. One of the first who trusted him was Sylvester Stallone, who signed him up for his particular group of superheroes in the mercenaries 3. He was also given a new opportunity by his old friend Spike Lee, who counted on him to Chi-Raq.

Eddie Murphy has been another cornerstone in his resurrection and the one that has given him the most joy. In 2019, Wesley Snipes participated in I am Dolemite, a biographical film that follows the life of Rudy Ray Moore, a filmmaker known for his blaxploitation films. This tape earned him several nominations for his work as D’Urville Martin. He collaborated with Murphy again on The King of Zamundalong-awaited sequel to The Prince of Zamunda.

The small screen has also given him a second chance. In 2021 it premiered a very true story, a Netflix miniseries opposite Kevin Hart that follows a comedian who is about to throw his career away after a night out with his wayward brother. He has also worked on Paper Empirea series where he has been able to work alongside Kelsey Grammer, the famous Frasier.

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