“They cornered me”: Julián Gil told why he separated from Marjorie de Sousa and her son

Julian Gil He was in The Interview with Yordi Rosadoin which he talked about the relationship he had with Marjorie from Sousa. About how this love started, she said that in 2011 they worked together on a soap opera, but they met again in Miami years later.

Years later he decided to separate from his partner. In 2014 she was offered to do a project together with From Sousain which both became great friends.

At the end of this project, she moved to the same building, so they became neighbors. He had a new relationship, so he didn’t take any more steps.

assured that one day Marjorie came to his house to tell him about a publication in which he claimed that Gabriel Soto would have cheated Geraldine Bazan with her. He, being her friend, told about her, decided to comfort her and ask her to tell what really happened.

“She was in an incredible crisis,” he said.

Rage and resentment: Julián Gil talks about how alcohol took away the woman he loved the most

The actor assured that he wants to see his son.

He stressed that he repeatedly asked the actress face the media to get rid of the controversy. Later, she commented, she called him to ask for comfort just the day he had a meeting with his friends.

In that meeting, he said, he ended up completely drunk and they finally had relations sexual. Days later, she narrated her, told him that she had gotten pregnant with him.

“A bucket of cold water fell on me, right? And after that we sat down at the table to find out how we would resolve the situation,” he said.

He assured that he was committed to the matter to the point that he asked her to marry him so that they could start a family. Subsequently, work separated them for several months. Julian narrated that he could be with De Sousa just as she was about to have the baby.

He indicated that life together became torture for him and the actress, because his then mother-in-law had a serious problem with alcohol.

“Sometimes I take responsibility for my childhood traumas. I come from a family that, as I explained to you, I come from alcoholic parents,” he said.

He explained that the mother of Marjorie It prevented her from carrying or being with her son, so she asked her then-partner to understand that she had to physically separate from that address for fear of reliving her traumas.

At that time, he proposed to the artist that they move a few blocks away to be away from the lady and that the two of them treat the woman’s addiction, rent a home for her mother-in-law or have her madam will return to live with his son. In the end, the interpreter refused this possibility, she assured.

“If you leave, I will understand that you abandoned us,” is the phrase that Gil attributed to his ex-partner.

Julián hopes that he can talk to Marjorie to settle this matter

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In the end, the actor left that address in the hope of continuing the relationship with Marjorie and the babybut it was a day before he received a call from a lawyer who notified him of the lawsuit that the star of TV soaps filed against him.

“They were demanding 300,000 pesos for my pension,” he said.

He stressed that it was not 10 days after he left the actress’s side when this began process legal. He sought to counter sue so that a rational settlement could be made.

He accused the defenders of his ex-partner of using tricky legal resources to say that he had links with drug trafficking, with the government of Czechoslovakia, Port Rich Y Russia. In addition to this, he said that he was accused of trying to poison his son Matías, despite the fact that, he assured, he was with two social workers.

To this he added that he was almost arrested for taking a photo with his son in a coexistence center to which he was forced to go if he wanted to see the minor.

“The boy didn’t know who I was. I was talking to him, trying to play with him,” he said.

His work was also affected, because they took 140 thousand pesos a month, plus other income that he obtained from other contracts that corresponded to 20 percent of his salary.

His only wish, he indicated, is that they let him see his son, so he questioned his ex-partner to let him know the reason why they do not let him see the minor.

“His father does want to be in his life,” he said.

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