They reveal chats between the parents of Amber Heard and Johnny Depp that could complicate the actress: “I love you, son”

David Heard and Paige Parsons, the parents of Amber Heard, excused their daughter with Johnny Depp for imposing a restraining order on her to avoid being evicted.

Since the legal battle between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp began, it has not only captured the attention of public opinion around the world, but has also divided opinions between who is the victim and who is the perpetrator. The evidence that the defenders showed at each hearing, within the framework of the defamation trial that the actor initiated his ex-wife, further increased the crack. In the last hours, they revealed the conversations that Amber’s parents, David Heard and Paige Parsons, had with Depp, and a particular detail alerted users of social networks.

Although Heard and Depp had previously experienced situations of this nature, this scandal is perhaps the largest to date. The reason? Their fight went to higher instances, in the US courts. Physical abuse, psychological violence, personality disorders and manipulation were some of the items that were dealt with in court. Nevertheless, both denied the crossed accusations.

Among the evidence presented were the chats of Amber’s parents. Is about the text messages they sent to Depp on May 27, 2016, after the restraining order that Amber filed with the actor for the alleged physical attacks he suffered. She did it after Johnny asked him to vacate an apartment located in the United States, owned by him. The conversation was exposed during the Trial.

The messages Paige sent himó  to Johnny Depp.  (Twitter capture/)
The messages that Paige sent to Johnny Depp. (Twitter capture/)

Between the messages, you can read a few words that Paige Parson he sent to his ex-son-in-law, in which he refers to the restraining order that his daughter requested. “Her lawyer told her that she had to do it and that she had to do it today. That’s why she wanted to talk to you. I swear this wasn’t her idea and she didn’t do it willingly. They told her that it was her only option not to be expelled from the department. I’m not making excuses, but that’s what she believed. She didn’t want to do it. She felt that she was betraying her only love, but the lawyers said so, “the woman assured the interpreter in relation to the request of Amber’s defenders.

Then Paige, who passed away in 2020, ended the conversation with a gesture that showed the excellent relationship they had: “Please don’t show this if you ever talk to Amber again. I love you son. Please don’t use what I told you from my heart against me, please.”

From his side, the protagonist of Charlie in the chocolate factory He replied, “If she didn’t want to file a restraining order against me and send a message to the world that I’m some kind of violent batterer. So, why would she go to court with a picture of her that appears to have been abused? This is my life too, what are my children and friends supposed to think? I don’t deserve this, especially not from her”.

For his part, Amber’s father, David Heard, also sent a message to Deppwhere he stated that the lawyers forced his daughter to request the restraining order. “The lawyer told him that he had to do it or he would not have a place to live in 30 days”stressed the man, in which he also mentioned the eviction request that Depp sent to his ex-wife, which is why the conflict was generated.

The message David Heard sent youó  to Johnny Depp, shortly after the restraining order that was filed against the actor (Twitter capture /)

The message that David Heard sent to Johnny Depp, shortly after the restraining order that he filed with the actor (Twitter Capture /)

In this context, users of social networks expressed their opinion on the subject on Twitter and gave their point of view on it.

”Amber Heard’s parents, David and Paige Heard admitted the entire domestic abuse claim was the product of Amber Heard’s lawyers”, pointed out a user. “Amber Heard’s parents and sister want nothing to do with her, admire Johnny Depp”, considered another person.

Although the conversations showed the close bond between the family of the protagonist of Aquaman and Depp, according to the medium newsweek, at trial it was made clear neither of them took a stance on his side. However, in social networks the opinions are diverse and a debate was generated that seems to have no end.


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