‘Welcome to Eden’, season 2: how will it continue?

    “In welcome to eden anything can happen, many seeds are planted in the first season that will be very interesting to reveal in the following ones”, Álex Pastrana (Ulysses) told us in the report for Esquire that he shared with other protagonists of the Netflix series. After see the complete first season, we perfectly understand his words. It has even fallen short, because the range of possibilities for the plot to advance, especially bearing in mind some reference series such as Dark, The OA, Nine Perfect Strangers, Westworld either lost, it is vast.

    We are going to theorize about what can happen after that very open ending, of course with spoilers in abundance. So if you haven’t finished the first one, row away like Charon is after you because we’re going to gut the ending.

    ‘Welcome to Eden’: when does season 2 premiere?

    The premiere of the first season is still very recent and Netflix has not yet confirmed that there will be a second season. But the numbers would have to go very badly for that not to happen, since it is clearly planned as a series of several seasons – on paper, surely at least three.


    In fact, the pre-production of that second season was already activated several months ago. The objective, if the data goes reasonably well, is to start shooting practically now, so that the second season could be recorded during the summer of 2022. In principle, again dividing the shooting between Teruel, Lanzarote and the Costa Brava. If this were the case, and taking into account that it is a series with a lot of post-production, the season would be ready to be broadcast by the very end of this year or by the beginning of 2023. That is, it would not be necessary to wait more than a year to be able to see the new chapters, which is one of Netflix’s post-pandemic obsessions after the delay of the new seasons of other series due to covid has negatively affected its media impact.

    ‘Welcome to Eden’: how will the story continue?

    Let’s get down to business. The craziest twist of the first season has to do with the appearance of Isaac, the son of Astrid (Amaia Salamanca) and Erik (Guillermo Pfening), who is supposedly or was dead. They go to him to heal his father, who has been stabbed by a masked traitor. Isaac lives in another part of the island with a kind of caretaker. He has a scar on his head, surely related to the way he ‘died’. And he wants to get out of there. “There’s not much left,” his mother tells him.

    In parallel, Africa (Belinda) accesses a kind of ultra-technological room without permission and, by pressing a button, activates the sending of a signal to outer space. It is produced from a large telescope located in Isaac’s residence. “The antenna has been activated,” says the boy, looking excited.

    welcome to eden season 2


    To end this reminder of how things have turned out, Zoa’s (Amaia Aberasturi) and Charly’s (Tomy Aguilera) escape plan is cut short because she discovers that her little sister is on the ship with the new guests to Eden. She obviously is going to stay on the island, like Charly and Ibón (Diego Garisa). And Africa, of course, because she was locked in the mysterious room.

    What’s going to happen then? First you have to connect all this with the story of Charon’s painting and Astrid’s father, a doctor who ‘died in an accident’ (obviously sounds like murder) and who was looking for formulas to avoid the disappearance of humanity before the destructive power of the climate change. Already in mental straw mode, it sounds like Astrid has created that community of people with certain qualities as chosen to perpetuate the species… But where? Has she connected with an alien civilization that is going to abduct them? Has he activated some kind of mechanism that is going to destroy all humans except the ones on that island?

    welcome to eden season 2


    And what about the dead and undead? Judit (Ana Mena) was killed and then burned on a raft, somehow implying that she had failed Charon’s test to sail to paradise instead of hell. Will they do the same with other supposed dead, like Aldo (Albert Baró)? He looks like, when Isaac died, they took him down this weird pit and he did go to paradise instead of hell, so there’s an open door to resurrections there. The connection between that part of religious science-fiction and the alien science-fiction remains to be discovered, because playing both decks at the same time seems too much of a pot on the part of the writers.

    Oh, one last variable. We know that the peculiar detective played by Ana Wagener has found a way to the island through Zoe’s sister. She supposedly she was late by the time the ship sails… Or maybe she’s stowing away because we’ve been tricked into the timeline, who knows.

    ‘Welcome to Eden’: which characters follow?

    That said: do not assume that the dead are dead, since Isaac has supposedly risen. So the return of any of those who have apparently died could be justified

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