Yailin, Anuel AA’s girlfriend, took a fan out of her show for bringing hair like Karol G

Much has been speculated that the Dominican singer Yailin “La Más Viral” feels extreme jealousy of her boyfriend Anuel AA’s ex-partner, but the rumors gained strength after He will take a fan out of his show for wearing hair like Karol G.

A video recently went viral on social networks in which a fan of Yailin “La Más Viral” appears denouncing the rudeness that the interpreter of “If you are looking for me” had with her during the concert she offered on May 5 at the Marbella Lounge club.

The visibly upset young woman explained through her official accounts that she had been asked to leave the nightclub where Yailin’s “La Más Viral” presentation took place alone because he was wearing a blue wig that was part of his outfit.

“They just kicked me out of the Marbella Lounge because of my wig. I went to see Yailin as a fan and they told me that I couldn’t be there, that I had to leave, because Miss Yailin said that she wasn’t going to sing if there was a woman with a wig of this color, that is, blue”.

Significantly disconcerted by what had happened, the woman said that it was clear that she had been asked to leave the place because Yailin was upset to see her wearing a wig the same color as the one Karol G currently wears on her hair.

“Me paying with my money, I go to see her as a fan and they kicked me out for my wig. It’s incredible.”

The young woman’s publication immediately went viral on social networks and in a matter of minutes she accumulated comments from hundreds of netizens who assured that The 20-year-old Dominican singer “is jealous and can’t stand” Karol G.

“She feels overshadowed by La Bichota, she showed her insecurity”, “Everything reminds her of Karol G”, “Karol G is her torment and she can’t see anyone with the color of her hair”, “Better to close the cycle and continue with his life”, “It is shown that he does not support Karol G”.

One day after what happened, Yailin “La Más Viral” appeared at the ATTiKA club, but before the concert, the organizers issued a brief statement through the club’s official accounts. warning about the “safety measure” in order to attend the show.

“Good evening dear customers, writing to inform you that as a security measure for today’s Yailin ‘La Más Viral’ party, people wearing colored wigs will not be allowed to enter. Thanks for the understanding”.

Despite the fact that Yailin “La Más Viral” and Anuel AA are in the sweet expectation of their first baby together, social network users have interpreted the attitude of the singer and dancer originally from the Dominican Republic as the definitive proof that he can’t stand Karol G.

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