Alec Baldwin’s daughter confesses that her ex-boyfriend wanted to have sex with her mother

Ireland Baldwinthe daughter of alec baldwin Y Kim Basinger, is characterized by his frankness when speaking openly about his private life in front of his followers on social networks. Recently, the model and actress shared a series of mortifying comments that she would have received from one of her ex-partners and that involves her famous mother.

Within the TikTok trend in which people answer the question “what is the one thing your ex told you that you will never forget?”, the 26-year-old revealed that an ex-boyfriend told her that she “would never be so beautiful like his parent.

The words of her then boyfriend would have gone even further. From what Ireland said, he would have also expressed his intentions to have sex with the famous actress of “Nine and a half weeks”.

Kim Basinger and her Ireland Baldwin in 2008. AP File.

Baldwin and Basssinger’s daughter listed several hurtful comments she would have received from that (or another) ex-partner. Among other phrases, some referred to her physical appearance and her eating routines, such as “Are you really going to eat all that?” or “I’m just not attracted to you in this way.”

Although Ireland did not name names, he mentioned a long list of aberrations, ranging from abusive to even threatening. “When I get home, I’m going to smash your face against the wall” or “if you break up with me, I’m going to post these videos of you,” would be some of the words she had to listen to.

Baldwin also said that, on other occasions, he was in the middle of situations in which some people who were by his side tried to take advantage of his parents’ fame. “Do you think you can get me a modeling contract?” she said an ex asked her, adding, “Do you think your dad will help me get into New York University or could he get me an audition for Saturday night Live?”.

Despite the bitter drinks with some of his exes, Ireland warned: “Not all my exes have been terrible,” he wrote, and encouraged his followers to “like” the video.

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No filter on the networks

This is not the first time Ireland has been outspoken on social media. In February, many of Hollywood’s biggest actresses challenged each other to upload to Instagram and TikTok a video with The Ting Tings’ song “That’s Not My Name” in the background, and images of their most iconic characters, with their superimposed names.

That trend was reformulated by Ireland Baldwin, who decided to include in the clip some of the nicknames and insults he received throughout his life.

“My name is Ireland but the media likes to call me…” she wrote of the clip, which shows her dancing as the words and phrases “fat”, “attention seeker”, “promiscuous”, “fuel fed brat” appear. silver spoon without real work”.

That is how the 26-year-old model and writer was called by the media, but what caught her attention the most was that within that same universe she included an unfortunate phrase that her own father said to her -and became public- in 2007: ” Hateful, mindless little pig.” This is how the actor referred to her daughter when Ireland was just 11 years old in an audio message that came to light in the middle of the scandalous divorce process with Basinger.

Although in recent times the relationship between them seems to have been fixed, the young woman made it clear in her post that those words hurt her.

That audio that would end up going viral was part of a message that the actor left on the answering machine because his daughter did not answer the phone: there, in addition, he expressed: “Are you piggy enough not to answer? I am a good father, and you are a pig. Get mad, you son of a bitch. Get ready to see me on Friday, pig. You have no brain or decency as a human being. Tell your mother to go to hell. I’m your father, call me when you get a chance.”