Doctor Strange 2 makes the same mistake as Star Wars

    Once is chance. Two is coincidence. Three is the action of the enemy. Ian Fleming already said it in his novel Goldfingerwe have not invented it ourselves. Doc Strange 2 has brought back a long list of characters, starting with Reed Richards (John Krasinski) and continuing with Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart), Black Bolt (Anson Mount, who had also given life to the character in the series The Inhumans), Captain Carter (Haylee Atwell, who had his own series as Agent Carternot to mention her development in What If…) and the original Captain Marvel (this is already a direct nod to the 1980s comics), as Star Wars did with Cad Bane in the series boba fett book to kill them as soon as they are presented to the general public, reducing their appearances to the category of cameos. Apart from the fact that this large audience that goes to the cinema or consumes series on digital platforms does not have to have prior knowledge of characters that have been among the fans of a creative universe for decades, their inclusion in the latest Marvel movie and in the The latest Star Wars series suffer from the same problem: if the general public does not know who they are and the public that does know who they are does not understand why they have been brought into the story they are telling to immediately kill them, why have they been included? If characters like Cad Bane, Mister Fantastic, Professor Xavier, Black Bolt, Captain Carter or the original Captain Marvel have something in common, it is that they are central characters in their respective fictions and not random secondary characters. So the question is obvious: have they been used exclusively as a teaser to generate interest and divert attention from the main plot? All these characters have another point in common: if they had not appeared in the film or the series, the story would not have been altered. The film and the series did not need any of these characters. Wanda didn’t need the Illuminati in the same way that any gunman might have left Cobb Vanth badly wounded in boba fett book.

    It is quite a coincidence that, in the end, both Doc Strange 2 What boba fett book they are only vehicles to unite the stories that were before and those that are going to come after and that do not really have their own entity by themselves, depending on the before and after. The Marvel movie had to show how far Marvel Studios can go with the Multiverse in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the Star Wars series had to serve as a bridge for season 3 of The Mandalorian and for the new Ahsoka Tano series. It is true that Doc Strange 2 gives closure to Wanda Maximoff’s (Elizabeth Olsen) arc, but raises a double question: hadn’t we already seen that ending in WandaVision? Since he really couldn’t die and the character moves on, doesn’t it stop being an intermediate story that in the end will have no weight in the long term? If it could no longer make sense for the main characters, imagine for the secondary ones.

    In case of Doc Strange 2 poses an even bigger problem. In the case of Cad Bane, it was clear that he could not become Boba Fett’s replacement as the most feared bounty hunter in the Galaxy. It was clear that Cad Bane was not going to reveal himself as the villain of the series, like Moff Gideon from boba fett book, but in the case of Marvel characters they are frontline heroes on the same level as Doctor Strange or Scarlet Witch. That Disney and Lucasfilm have not made Cad Bane the most attractive new bounty hunter in the Star Wars Universe has undoubtedly been a success, but in the case of Reed Richards or Professor Xavier or Captain Marvel or Black Bolt it is an opportunity loss. How is Marvel Studios going to introduce Reed Richards or the mutants now? How newly minted heroes? This may win over new audiences, but Marvel fans… I’m not so sure.

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