Faculty of Medicine of the University of Guanajuato celebrates its 77th anniversary

The Faculty of Medicine of the University of Guanajuatoone of the most prestigious nationally, celebrates 77 years. For this reason, former students and friends of the faculty took on the task of organizing the May 28 in it Roberto Plascencia Saldaña Bicentennial Theater a holiday in his honor.

In it audience of the Hospital Aranda de la Parra, Cousin Quiroz, alice frank, Paul Fields, Maria Antoinette Diaz Y Luis Umberto Lopez They presented the activities that will start at 10 in the morning and end at 2:30 in the afternoon, and to which all generations of graduates and teachers are invited. The idea of ​​this fraternal meeting is to reactivate the identity of the faculty.

Roberto Gómez, Primo Quiroz and Marco Antonio Tiscareño.| Photo: Gabriela Fuentes

Among the activities, the presentation of the book “White Roses: Chronicles of Medical Education at the University of Guanajuato” in which Pablo Campos Macias Y Luis Humberto Lopez Salazar gathered the history and testimonies of the faculty.

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Thanks to the help of members of all generations of graduates who contributed documents and photographs, as well as the support of the archive of the University of Guanajuato and the Leon Historical Archive700 pages were written with hundreds of stories and thousands of photographs.

The book covers from the founding of the Jesuit hospice in 1732 in Guanajuato called the Holy Trinity. This seed was transformed until it became State College and the main educational institution in the 19th century in Guanajuato. It was so in [1945 born in the University of Guanajuato the School of Medicine.

With this copy, we seek to leave a written and photographic testament, and that it also remain as a consultation for all and the rights of this book were transferred to the Faculty through the U.G. and its publisher.

Remembering is bringing back to the heart, I give thanks to life, to the university, to the doctor fieldsto the committee that did the favor of inviting me to remember, thank you“, shared alice frank who is part of the board of trustees of the University of Guanajuato.

Fausto Venegas, Rigoberto López and Juan José Orozco. | Photo: Gabriela Fuentes

For 15 years they detected that the faculty has a very rich history that unfortunately was not well documented and the doctor Paul Fields and the co-author Luis Humberto Lopez Salazar they took on the task of researching and obtaining material, with the help of interviews with the founding teachers and various students from all generations.

In addition to addressing historical issues of the faculty, it also has chapters in which the entire transformation that the academic program has had since the school began and the updates according to the advances of the school are developed and addressed. medicine.

There will be registration for interested

In order to attend the event May 28 they will have to register since, due to the number of former students, there will be a limit on access to the campus. The registration mode will be through the address ++ where a QR code which will be your entry ticket.

It is a reunion between classmates, between friends and the possibility also of having a reunion with many beloved professors who are going to attend, among them some first full-time professors such as Dr. Jaime Fuentesthe doctor Jose Baez. I think it will be a moment of great joy, a lot of sharing” he commented Pablo Campos Macias graduated from the School of Medicine in the year 1971.

We share the program of the day of the event:

  • Panel with five graduates with the theme “What is it to be a graduate of the Faculty of Medicine?”
  • Presentation of audiovisual chronicle where the doctor Paul Fields will present part of the book’s content “White Roses: Chronicles of Medical Education at the University of Guanajuato”.
  • Books will be delivered to representative personalities of the faculty, such as the Jesus companythe Historical Archive and the U.G..
  • Luis Humberto Lopez Salazar (co-author) will talk about the anatomy of the book “White Roses: Chronicles of Medical Education at the University of Guanajuato”.
  • Presentation of the book “White Roses: Chronicles of Medical Education at the University of Guanajuato” by the doctor Roberto Arenas Guzman dermatomycologist doctor.
  • Musical event with the participation of the band Large intestine with themes from the 70s. In addition, two residents will participate with piano themes.

In this note: