Former Garibaldi Ricardo Crespo was sentenced to 19 years in prison for abusing his daughter

The actor and singer will spend almost two decades in prison (Photo: Instagram)

After that in February 2021 the actor and singer Ricardo Crespo was placed under informal preventive detention in the South Reclusorio of Mexico Cityunder the accusation of having sexually abused his daughter, his sentence has now been announced.

The former Garibaldi and actor from series like Control Z and The Dragon was sentenced by a judge to 19 years in prison for sexual abuse against her daughter Valentina, who was the victim of the attacks from her five to her 14 years of age. This was announced by the RPRC Lawyers office, which specified the sentence after being found guilty of the crime of aggravated sexual abuse.

“On May 3 of the present, a Trial Judge of the Superior Court of Justice of Mexico City decided to sentence Ricardo N to 19 years in prison for having found him guilty of the crime of aggravated sexual abusecommitted continuously to the detriment of his daughter, the minor whose identity is reserved with the initials VCR, who suffered these behaviors from the ages of 5 to 14.”

Actor Ricardo Crespo Green remained in the South Prison awaiting the judge's ruling (Photo: Twitter/ @c4jimenez)
Actor Ricardo Crespo Green remained in the South Prison awaiting the judge’s ruling (Photo: Twitter/ @c4jimenez)

The office expressed that it hopes that obtaining justice in favor of the victim will support the “recovery of a full life” for her and her family.

“We know that absolute compensation is impossible for victims of sexual violence for the violation of human rights to which they were subjected and the profound impact it has on them, however, This Legal Department hopes that obtaining justice will contribute to the recovery of a full life for VCR and his family.”.

Ricardo Crespo participated in the musical group knights sing next to Manuel Landeta, Agustín Arana, Chao and Lisardowhen the process against him initiated by his ex-wife and mother of the abused minor, Angélica Rodríguez Cruz, came to light, who immediately believed in the word of her daughter, Vale Crespo. At the end of February 2021, the capital authorities reported that the defendant “induced for several years a minor to perform sexual acts and witness pornographic content.”

The singer was part of "Knights Sing" when the criminal process against him began (Photo: Instagram @ Caballeroscantan)
The singer was part of “Caballeros Cantan” when the criminal proceedings against him began (Photo: Instagram @ Caballeroscantan)

In October of last year, I decided to talk first with my mom, my grandmother and brother. I tell them and ask them to please not do anything about it yet. It cost me too much, it was not easy for me. Obviously to this day I come to think that it was my fault. I come to think of all that, many things that come to my mind, but you know all those years that I had saved that were worse because I was killing myself inside alone, “said the young woman on her social networks, where she remains active, in 2021.

It was in February 2021 when Crespo was placed in informal preventive detention (Photo: Twitter@c4jimenez
It was in February 2021 when Crespo was placed in informal preventive detention (Photo: Twitter@c4jimenez

For her part, in March 2021, Valentina’s mother gave an interview to come the joy in which he explained that his daughter never had visible symptoms of having suffered abuse, however, he said that the moment he revealed to him that he was a victim, he did not hesitate for a second to believe him. “First of all, I was moved by love for my daughter, I wanted her to feel supported, the one who protected her from her, it was me at that moment. The first thing I did with her was congratulate her for the courage to tell me. I thanked her for her confidence, I didn’t doubt for a second what she was telling me”, said María Angélica on the VLA broadcast.

According to journalist Carlos Jiménez, it was the ex-wife of Ricardo Crespo who filed the complaint with the Specialized Prosecutor for Sexual Crimes in December 2020 and according to a source consulted by TV Notes the actor instilled fear in Valentina with suicide threats and that in the confrontation he had with his ex-wife “the very cynical man ended up accepting it, He told her that it had happened, but that her daughter had been the culprit.”


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