Lele Pons attacked Luisito Comunica after saying that she is Latina when it suits her: “You have no right”

Lele Pons broke the silence about Luisito Comunica’s signs

After what Luisito Communicates was involved in a public controversy with the singer and influencer Lele Ponsafter this same famous Mexican content creator spoke ill of her and assured that the Venezuelan interpreter did not want to speak in Spanish in the beginning and that he only took advantage of his “Latin” position when it suited himthe famous finally broke the silence.

It was during an interview for Radio Divazawhere the multifaceted Venezuelan artist He decided to talk about the accusations made by Luisito Comunica against him and around his public figure.

“No, that never happened, that’s not true. People who know me know that when I meet someone new I am willing to say hello and do TikTok. I was shocked. How is it possible that a person who does not know me, does not know anything about my life, he is a friend of my friends, says that in an interview. I have never spoken ill of Luisito, I admired him, ”said the interpreter of you notice.

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Later in the program hosted by Jose Y The Divazathe model also showed some apology messages that the Mexican influencer had sent her after her statements: “Lele I want to apologize if you felt bad about the interview”, said the messages displayed on Radio Divaza

However, apologies were in the past when the content creator, who has 38 million subscribers on the platform Youtube, confront her again and point out that “Lele was Latin when it was convenient.”

For this reason, the content creator mentioned that “it is horrible” that a man takes advantage of his position of power behind a microphone and talks about a woman only to pretend to be “funny”.

Lele Pons broke the silence about Luisito Comunica’s signs

“For me a man who speaks ill of a woman just to want to be funny is horrible… because you don’t know me you don’t know anything about my life and you have no right to label me”, remarked the also Venezuelan comedian.

To end his participation in the YouTube program, he reported that after the Mexican influencer’s statements, he received a lot of hate in his various official accounts, for which he begged him to go out and deny what he said; However, the result of the request was ignored by the Mexican youtuber who never faced the Venezuelan singer.

The actress during her story took the opportunity to send a message of empowerment to her followers who have been in a similar situation: “You are worth a lot, you can’t let a person who doesn’t know you. –That– makes you feel less and have the right to use your name and say things because you know that you have a voice, you are important, defend yourself, value yourself, “he concluded.

Lele Pons on Radio Divaza Photo: Instagram/@hey_amstudio
Lele Pons on Radio Divaza Photo: Instagram/@hey_amstudio

It was in mid-April when a fragment of an interview that Gaby Meza did to Luisito Comunica went viral on social networksWell, the influencer reported that many years ago, when he met Lele Pons, he approached to talk, but she told him that she did not know how to speak Spanish. This situation was strange for Luisito, since he was aware of his Venezuelan roots.

“At that time Lele Pons had not put on the soy shirt Latin, was still come and it was like: I totally speak English, I’m American. So I say… this is Lele Pons, I’m going to greet her, since I thought I had heard somewhere that she was Venezuelan and she must speak Spanish. I arrive waving and she tells me Sorry I don’t speak Spanish and continued on his phone, “said Luisito.

Some time later, when Lele Pons began to position herself as a figure in the United States, according to the Mexican youtuber, He began to show off his Venezuelan genetics on social networks, which surprised Luisito Comunica when he recalled that experience: This tremendous is Latin when it suits her, ”said the youtuber.


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