Paula Levy speaks for the first time about the images in which she appears with blows, an ex threatens her

A few days ago there was speculation that Paula Levy20 years old, daughter of Mariana Levy (RIP) and Jose Maria Fernandez Pirru, had been hit by her current boyfriend, the DJ, Mauricio Moctezuma, 28, this due to some posts she made on her Instagram account, where she said that she had been minimizing abuse and horrible things that affected her for years, moving away from her family , and showed two photos of her with traces of violence. Given this, the young woman decided to speak with TVNotes and give your version on these images:

-Paula, what can you tell us about the images that circulated a few days ago on networks?

“Well, nothing, that this is the work of an ex who now turns out to be threatening me, but we know that the best way to solve this is to report it and bring it before the law.”

– Threats why?

“Well, when I went out with that guy, he took some videos of me without my consent, with which he has been threatening to spread them so that I don’t report him.”

“Will you take any legal action against that man?”

“I am seeing with my lawyers what is the most convenient, to start taking legal action, because he has come to tell me that he is going to destroy me.”

-So, that means you had a bad experience with another man, and he’s not your current boyfriend…
“Yes, but he was never a boyfriend as such, because I was just starting out with that person to see what was going on and things did not turn out well, as you see in that message.”

-Who is that man?

“I will not say it, karma falls under its own weight and I would no longer want to make a bigger scandal, but I am interested in clarifying that it was not my current boyfriend.”

-Those photos alarmed to see you beaten, what happened?
“Those photos that are circulating I uploaded to my Instagram stories about two years ago on Women’s Day; Along with those photos I uploaded a message in which I recounted an experience that I had had quite strong, but in the end it did not beat me, I preferred not to make a scandal and I deleted the publication.

Paula Levy speaks for the first time after being a victim of violence

-Why did you delete it?

“I didn’t want it to be something that was being reminded of and picked up in the media, and anyway, look what happened.”

-How did you react when you saw him again?

“I was very surprised, I said: ‘How do you put those images that are from three years ago and that I published two years ago, where did they get them from? they are also taking them out of context, those images are manipulated, since my current boyfriend is labeled.

And how did your family react?

“Well, that day I woke up bombarded with messages, calls, from my brother José Emilio, from my aunts, asking me what was happening to me, if I was okay.”

-What did you tell them?

“I got out of the wave, I didn’t know what they were talking about, and when I found out, I already explained the whole situation to them and I had to tell them about the issue that I experienced in the past; It was a tough talk, but a necessary one.”

Paula Levy speaks for the first time after being a victim of violence

– Your dad, what did he say to you?

“At first he was very worried, he told me how he could help me, but in the end he was calm.”

-Your family can be left with the doubt that perhaps out of fear, you do not want to admit if you are actually going through this right now…

“Unfortunately, there are many women who, out of fear, do not want to say anything about these situations and it is very difficult to recognize it; but in my case, my family is not uneasy, most of them know Mau, my current boyfriend, and they get along quite well with him. Not long ago we went to eat with Ana Bárbara and there we were talking excellent”.

-So, is it already certain that this publication has nothing to do with the relationship you have with your boyfriend Mauricio?

“No, not at all, you can be calm, those photos are from before I met Mauricio, they are from a past relationship attempt.”

Paula Levy speaks for the first time after being a victim of violence

-How long have you been with Mauricio?

“About two years and what we are experiencing is very beautiful. Mau is older than me and he has taught me about music; I connect with him like no one else, we can spend hours talking. Our relationship is based on respect and he has never been a violent person, on the contrary, he flees from violence, nothing to do with it”.

-Forgive me for insisting, but… do you categorically deny that he is a beater?

“Never in my life has he hit me, insulted me, or said rude things, and anyone who has been close to both of us can tell you. When we’ve had arguments, I’m the one who gets more excited and he always tells me: ‘Calm down, we’re not going to yell, we’re going to talk.’ The truth is that we have an excellent courtship; but obviously my family was worried, if everything went well with him.

Do you live with Mauricio?
“No, with an aunt and she knows Mau perfectly, it is something that could not be hidden; when there is violence, you know. I have a lot of people checking on me, looking out for me, that I’m fine.”

Paula Levy speaks for the first time after being a victim of violence

-Mauricio, how did you take things?

“He doesn’t even have a candle at the funeral, but he has been paying for it because he was accused of very strong accusations, especially now that there is so much talk about gender-based violence and they could end his career, that’s why I’m clarifying the situation.”

-And how has Mauricio supported you?

“Well, it gives me a lot of emotional support, and although it bothers us a lot to be involved in this kind of thing, we are going to get ahead, that’s why I decided to take this to the law,” he concluded.

Paula Levy speaks for the first time after being a victim of violence