Silvia Pinal has a bittersweet return to the theater, she feels lethargic and absent!

A few weeks ago, Mrs. Silvia Pinal became a trend on social networks after announcing his return to the stage, at 90 years of age! But unfortunately the note was not given by her return, but by the fragile state of health that was perceived of her during an interview for the first hand programhey now during the premiere of the play Little Red Riding Hood, what’s up with your granny!

In this regard, we spoke with an employee of the first actress, who surprised us by revealing that Doña Silvia returned to work not for pleasure, but because of her son’s ambition. Luis Enrique Guzmán, 52, who will benefit financially for his mother’s participation in the staging, since he will pocket more than a million pesos. This they told us:

-Since Ms. Silvia Pinal announced her return to the stage, there has been much speculation about her state of health, how is she really?

“Doña Silvia has good days and bad days, something normal in a lady who is 90 years old, who has overcome illnesses and who also has many ailments.”

-What kind of ailments?
“Doña Silvia suffers from hip pain that afflicts her because she does not like to take her therapies and, as she is afraid of falling again, she spends too much time in a wheelchair. Another thing that she has wrong is that, after overcoming COVID, she has a cough that comes and goes ”.

-In 2018 you were diagnosed with senile dementia, how is it going in that regard?
“His senile dementia is what worries us the most because every day it affects him more. At the time, the doctors told their children that this disease was progressive and that it would get worse every day. I’m not lying, it was evident the day they presented the work and, obviously, during the premiere.”

-That press conference worried a lot of people
“And it is not for less, doña Silvia was not in conditions. I reveal what I am going to say because I am concerned about her health, but the truth is that Doña Silvia was forced to appear at the press conference for the play, which is why she looked very deteriorated and caused concern.”

-Especially, during an interview…
“Yes, during an interview (for the First Hand program) she had a relapse and she looked very bad, like lost. They asked her something and she answered something else or she started to read part of the script of the play and the poor thing didn’t stop coughing”.

– Why expose it that way?
“Doña Silvia is exposed so much because of the greed of Luis Enrique, to whom we told him not to take her to this presentation, but he held on because he had already agreed with the producer of this project, Iván Cochegrus, and said that his mother was well, so they ordered the driver and Efigenia (assistant to the first actress) to take her. Doña Silvia came to the conference without the support of anyone in the family, it is good that they trust her workers, but she is not worth it”.

-Luis Enrique insisted?
“Yes, and it is not okay for your own son to continue exploiting the lady like this. You yourselves saw it, Doña Silvia was disoriented, with a cough, not knowing what they were talking about and with no one to lend her a hand. Luis Enrique didn’t even have the decency to accompany her, he left the package for the driver and her assistant. The lady has dedicated her life to acting, but this return did not happen because she wanted it, she returned to the theater because her son manipulated her to accept this work and all because he is the one who closes contracts and manages the lady’s income ” .

-He handles all your contracts and payments?
“Luis Enrique manages everything for his mother, remember that Doña Silvia has her theater, parking lots and more businesses than she has in the city. Before, Doña Silvia had trusted workers and a manager, but two years ago, Luis Enrique has been in charge of running everyone. The last person he got out of the way was Ms. Mónica Marbán, who ran the Silvia Pinal Theater. I think the only one left is the accountant, but Luis Enrique put him in the bag, you know how he convinced him”.

Silvia Pinal's work

-Do you know how much he will charge in the work?
“As far as we know, Luis Enrique negotiated a payment of 40 thousand pesos per presentation, as he assured Iván Cochegrus (the producer) that his mother’s return to the stage was synonymous with box office success.”

-How much would Luis Enrique earn?
“It is difficult to know, but so far there are 26 confirmed dates, so at least they would be paying him more than a million pesos, money that obviously his mother will not see.”

-Your sisters why allow this?
“Because Luis Enrique has manipulated his mother to tell them that she is the one who wants to work because she is depressed. And well, it doesn’t help that her sisters are busy, unlike Luis Enrique. For example, Alejandra has hardly been aware of her mother because she is focused on the tour she has with Paulina Rubio and her problems with Frida. “

-And Sylvia Pasquel?
“Sylvia wants to take the party in peace with Luis Enrique so as not to upset her mother, who gets upset when they fight. Remember that last March they had their differences over Doña Silvia’s theater, which Sylvia would stay, but he has gotten his hands on it and even ran away from the administrator. They fought and doña Silvia got sick”.

Luis Enrique Guzman

-But if they even gave a conference together to say that everything was fine…

“That they were united was pure story, they did it just to cover the male’s eye, because even Sylvia says that Luis Enrique is the black sheep of the family.”

Silvia Pinal interview

-This interview will surely reach the ears of Alejandra and Sylvia, what message would you give them?

“I would tell them that they should take more care of their mother, she is a lady who has worked for more than 70 years and right now it is so that she is resting, enjoying old age and her loved ones. Unfortunately, now Doña Silvia has neither voice nor vote, her son has done what she wanted with her money. I hope that Alejandra and Sylvia open their eyes and finally put a stop to it because she is exploiting the lady and putting her at risk because of her ambition, which has no limits”.

-You were at the premiere, what was the taste of people’s mouths?

“The public is left with a bittersweet taste, on the one hand people wanted to see her again on stage, but she slurred her words, forgot dialogues and even dozed off, she is a diva and she does not deserve to end like this. The lady has 26 dates ahead of her, two functions per day and, to those of us who love her, she worries that something will happen to her, ”she concluded.

Silvia Pinal would be being manipulated