Sustainable war’, an anime to avoid

Approach to Ghost in the Shell: Sustainable Warfare is to dive into a successful franchise within the manga industry. Not only that: also in the anime, with different adaptations aimed at reflecting the action and, in some cases, the dystopian aspects of the story. The most recent movie Netflixin particular, describes a world that does not seem immediate but not very far away either.

This movie collects the story adapted in the anime Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 and offers different improvements in terms of color and adaptation. A two-hour film in which an elite group must deal with a robotic threat. In this universe there are nods to science fiction franchises such as The Matrix (1999), Neon Genesis Evangelion (1995) and Robo Cop (1987).

That explains part of the tone, halfway between the fantastic, the scientific and the police. A dystopia in which the world has naturally assumed war. To the point of taking its commercialization to distorted levels of capitalism. The result? A context in which different forces move and allies are counted on the fingers of one hand.

the potential of Ghost in the Shell:
sustainable war

During the first minutes of the film, the context in which it takes place is emphasized. A naturalized global war, in the face of which there does not seem to be a political power capable of containing it. In opposition, the machines and the scientific force moved by different elites sustain reality and even life: there can be a subject with half of his head detached and, even so, launch a paper airplane.

The address of michihito fujiiwith script of Kenji Kamiyama, offers a story that understands its narrative rhythms: when he wants to be violent, he is; if he wants to rest to provide information to the viewer, he also achieves it. However, the premise that is most insisted on at the beginning of the film, this context in which war is the daily bread, is blurred. So, Motoko Kusanagi’s character, her relationship with her companions, and her combat skills are summarized.

Although for the story it does not favor the focus to be reduced too much, it does contribute to the presentation (or representation, taking into account the different adaptations) that is made of Motoko, better known as “Elderly”, referring to Section 9, specialized in dealing with different threats. A female character in a leadership role. In this type of detail there are sleeves, original stories, which do correspond to the futurism of their context with the social dynamics that occur in it.

from here, comments are shared that can be understood as spoilers. Ghost in the Shell: Sustainable Warfare It has a violent first act and a more reflective one. In the latter, perhaps the end of the title will be discovered: those wars to which it refers are not so much physical and geopolitical as emotional, with the past hammering one another.

The wink towards video games

Something striking about Ghost in the Shell: Sustainable Warfare are the sections in which the perspective is identical to games like Counter-Strike either Call of Duty. That corresponds to the aesthetics, one that at times leaves the feeling of watching a video game rather than a movie. This may not be for everyone; much less in times where consoles offer powerful adaptations in that section. Nor the plot, at times overloaded with tensions and conspiracies. The first aspect, the aesthetic, evolves in the second act.

The main threat to Mayor and his team is the existence of posthumans. A series of individuals with special abilities for different contexts along with a level of virtual reality that seems many light years from the present. Through those resources, Ghost in the Shell: Sustainable Warfare shows his most violent side, making villains snap heads off with ease. This species goes for different refugees and immigrants.

This detail places it in another register: it is not only an entertaining film, for those who like the anime genre, but also a production that dialogues with its context. There are not a few voices that oppose migrants and refugees today. Ghost in the Shell: Sustainable Warfare It is a film designed for fans of the story, in manga, video game format or who come from other adaptations. For those who are not familiar with this register, even if they like anime, it can be a dense production that suggests a level of depth that it approaches but cannot complete.

Something to keep in mind: this film serves as a prelude to the second season of Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045. Therefore, there is no conclusion. The film is already available on Netflix, while the series will arrive on May 23.