Susy Lu, wife of Arath de la Torre, cannot overcome the betrayal and is already thinking about divorce

In our 1304 edition we announced that the departure of Arath de la Torre, 46, from the play El tenorio comedian, was due to differences with Julio Alegría, 48, because De la Torre tried to woo his fiancée, Andrea Rodríguez , 42, which Arath flatly denied the information; However, just when it was thought that the waters had calmed down, the situation escalated, and it is that his wife Susy Lu does not forgive him and even asked for a divorce. Given this, a friend of both told us that the couple is going through a strong marital crisis.

-We see Arath calmer in the program…

“Yes, on the small screen, where everything is acted out, but they have nothing to do with real life.”

-Because what you say?

“Since the scandal came out at the beginning of February, in which it was said that Arath was wanting to win back his ex, Andrea Rodríguez, Julio Alegría’s current partner, things have not been easy for Arath.”

-What are you talking about?

“Well, on television they caught his attention, because he is part of a family program.”

-That’s why Arath and the journalist Jorge Ugalde smoothed things over..

“Well, it was more by force than desire. The directors told them that they belong to the same company, and that Arath cannot go around threatening a journalist, that they stop him and that they make a video making peace so that the public would believe it; but for Arath, things are worse than before on a personal level. He is very sad and worried about his marriage, because his wife Susy Lu is very hurt”.

-What did Arath say to Susy Lu, when all this happened?

“When you took out the note, Arath told him that it was all a lie.”

-Susy Lu, what did you say?

“She got furious, she made a tremendous scandal, she told him what it was about, that he had gone too far. She was very hurt that Arath did that to her, since she knew that he was a cheerful eye, she did not believe him capable of deceiving her, she hit him very hard”.

-Then what happened?

“Susy did not believe him, he told him where the messages that you published had come from, and Arath accepted that Andrea had been his partner 15 years ago, but he assured him that the messages

they were false; However, when they released the audios where Arath threatens the journalist Jorge Ugalde, Susy no longer believed anything and asked for a divorce.

“Arath, what did you say to him?”

“Obviously, he told her that he doesn’t want to lose her…and that he never did it to hurt her. Arath never imagined that this would get out of control, he won the emotion of seeing Andrea again, and now she is having a very bad time, she regrets having done so much pe $% & # $% & ”.

-But we saw that they recently went on a family vacation…

“Yes; in fact, it was Arath who prepared everything and even Susy didn’t want to go, but he asked her to help him clean up her image for their health and for his work, just for that she accepted

go as a family, but the reality is that everything was only in appearance”.

Arath about to divorce

-So did the holidays work?

“No, he asked her to reflect, that she was never unfaithful to him; but as I told you, Susy was hit very hard in the ego”.

-Arath, what do you say about that?

“That he didn’t want anything with her, that Andrea confused things. But don’t think it all ends there. Susy did not want to remain in her doubt, so she contacted Andrea and sent her messages asking her to send her the screenshots of the conversations she had had with Arath, to see who was lying.

-Andrea passed you the captures?

“Yes, that’s why Susy wants a divorce, because she realized that Arath was the liar. In addition, Susy asked Andrea if she was interested in her husband, but Andrea told her no, that she loved him many years ago, but it ceased to be an issue for her for a long time, that they never had contact again, and she clarified that now she is very happy and in love with Julio. After that, Susy blocked her.”

-And now?

“Well, although Susy tried to fix things and forgive Arath, she is gaining her dignity, because she remains cuckolded, she says that she is the one who makes me laugh, she no longer trusts him and believes that if she forgives him, he will return to do; she is really very hurt.”

Arath about to divorce

How strong!…

“Yes; so much so, that recently it was Arath’s birthday and Susy didn’t show up at the forum. The production of Hoy organized everything to celebrate Arath’s birthday (March 20) in the forum and they wanted to surprise him by bringing his family, but Susy only sent her children with his sister, because she did not want to go “.

Did Arath say something?

“Well, he himself ended up confirming that things between them are not going well, because he said on the air: ‘Thanks to my wife, I don’t know where she is, but thanks’; even, he also said at the end: ‘The most important thing is the family, being together and nothing knocks us down’, because obviously he is not going to stop fighting to save his marriage ”.

Arath about to divorce

Do you think the divorce will happen?

“Let’s hope they don’t reach a divorce, it’s never a father for a family to disintegrate, that’s sad, but his wife has a lot of dignity and he lost all confidence in her, so I see it as difficult. I hope that Arath manages to win her back and that they become a happy family again, they cannot throw away everything they have formed, ”she concluded.

Arath of the Tower