The Wonder Years: Fred Savage: Life, Work, and Modus Operandi

Recently, the news broke that the former child actor Fred Savage (born July 9, 1976) would leave the production of the remake “The Wonder Years”, a television series in which he starred in his childhood, due to a series of behaviors within the filming, called “inappropriate behavior”.

However, this is not the first time that the actor has been singled out for accusations with the same weight, since, although the production of the project did not detail what happened, in the past there have been many women who point out that savage touched them without their consent.

“The wonderful years” was a series filmed and broadcast during 1988 and 1993. savage embodied “Kevin arnold”, a boy who left childhood and went through adolescence during the 60s and 70s. The story is narrated, by a voice in off; it is about a Kevin in his adult version who recalls the experiences of youth. On this occasion, the American actor would appear as an actor and would also serve as producer and director of seven of the 20 episodes of the first season.

“Recently, we became aware of allegations of misconduct by Fred Savage and, as is policy, an investigation has been launched. Upon completion, the decision was made to terminate his employment as executive producer and director of ‘The Wonder Years,'” said a spokesperson for 20th Television, the distributor handling the filming of the film. remake, In an interview with “E! news”.

Until now, production has remained hermetic because it has not detailed what they mean by “inappropriate behavior”, but there are media such as “dead line” that they assure savage he had to leave the project due to “verbal outbursts”. What is added to accusations that, in previous years, different women who worked in other productions where the 45-year-old interpreter participated and those who were harassed by the behavior of their co-star.

Fred Savage. The actor and producer has been constantly involved on multiple occasions. SPECIAL

repeat history

In 2018, Young-Joo Hwang, costume designer from the series “the grinder” sued the actor on charges of gender harassment, assault, battery and gender discrimination, actions of which he was a victim in 2015. The “aggressive behavior, intimidation and constant use of profanity directed at female employees of Savage were not controlled”, according to the publication “Variety”.

The actor’s response was blunt, he was innocent: “None of his statements could be corroborated because they did not happen. While none of the accusations made against me are true, I wholeheartedly support anyone who feels they are being mistreated to come forward and speak to human resources and managers.”

In that same year, it came to light that Monique Lengthcostume designer for “The Wonder Years”, during the 1990s, when the actor was 16 years old, had sued savage for touching her without her consent along with the actor who played the older brother of Fred, Jason Hervey, who physically and verbally harassed her, but the accusation did not proceed at that time and one of the cast members, Alley Mills, the actor’s mother within fiction, called the accusations ridiculous, since Fred was harmless.

Although the news was not released publicly, the series was cancelled.

So far, the actor has not spoken, but he closed his Instagram account in which he was regularly active and shared posts related to his return to television.

The new version of “The Wonder Years” would have a different vibe than the original, although it sought to emulate its charm. SPECIAL

Fred Savage, peak and fall

“The Wonder Years” was not the first production he worked on. From the age of nine he ventured into the small screen, in the program “Morningstar / Eveningstar”, after television producer Roger Damon Price saw him for the first time and offered the future actor’s mother and father the role of “Alan Bishop.” But it was not until he was 12 years old, when Savage rose to fame by being selected to be part of the cast of “The Wonder Years.”

While filming different seasons of the series (six in total), the actor tried his luck in the seventh art and participated in films such as “Viceversa” (1988) and “Little monsters” (1989), where he shared credits with his younger brother Ben savage. In 1993, “The Wonder Years” was canceled due to accusations of harassment that pointed to Fred savage Y Jason Hervey and the actor took a break, because before reaching adulthood he was already creditor to a millionaire fortune.

It was so, until 1997 he starred in “Working” and in 2006, “Crumbs” both projects of little take off. In this way, the actor turned his career around and He became a producer on teen shows like “Hannah Montana,” “Wizards of Waverly Place” and “Ugly Betty.”

“The Grinder”. One of Savage’s most recent series, which didn’t quite work with the public. SPECIAL

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