Which specialty allocates more places?

Applicants to the MIR 2022.

Family and Community Medicine earn points among future specialists. This area has significantly improved the allocation ratio compared to the previous call MIRhaving awarded a total of 154 seats among the first 4,000 order numbers. This means that out of every 26 candidates, one has chosen a position in Family, while, in 2021, one vacancy was assigned for every 30 order numbers.

When ten days have elapsed since the starting signal for the award of MIR places for access to Specialized Health Training (FSE), Family and Community has awarded 6.6 percent of its 2,336 places offered for this call. The previous year, at this point in the process, it had assigned 133. This increase in trend is a breath of fresh air for the specialty, whose professionals faced the process of awarding positions with resignation and discouragement due to the lack of incentives on the part of the public administrations to make the specialty attractive.

However, with this aim of attracting and motivating new residents, Catalonia has launched an incentive program of up to 9,000 euros a year for MIRs who opt for Family Medicine in this call.

Adjudication of MIR places in traditional specialties

Unlike Family and Community, other areas of interest have worsened the allocation ratio. The mean of Pneumologywith 51 places delivered in 10 days, is positioned in the 78 order numbers for each vacancy which represents an increase of 16 more order numbers per place compared to 2021.

From Pediatrics and Specific Areaswhich has filled more than 83 percent of the quota, has been assigned one place for every 10 doctors; one applicant per vacancy more than the previous year after a week and a half of assignment.

Lastly, in the case of Internal Medicinewith more than 43 percent of the offer awarded, has been granted one vacancy for every 23 shifts; four applicants more than in the last call. Internal still maintains 228 positions without owner.

What MIR specialties have sold out all the places?

In these ten days of assignment, up to six specialties have managed to fill the quota. The first of them has been Dermatologywhich assigned the last of its vacancies, 115, to order number 718. With these data, the specialty improves the statistics compared to the previous year by managing to assign one place for every six applicants. In 2021, she assigned one vacancy for every nine applicants.

Plastic Surgery has been the second to complete the offer, although it loses points compared to the previous call. This year the average is one place allocation for every 20 applicantswhile, in 2021, one vacancy was delivered for every 16 doctors.

Like Plastic, Cardiology is losing popularity. It has assigned the last of its 190 places to order number 3,403, so the average rises to 18 candidates per vacancy allocation. In 2021, when 181 positions were offered and the process was completed with 2,456, the statistic was that, out of every 13 applicants, one chose Cardiology. Moreover, the specialty has had to wait until the ninth adjudication session to exhaust, while, in the previous call, six days were enough to fill the quota.

In this same line, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery has exhausted its 35 places, but it also worsens its data by having delivered one vacancy for every 106 applicants; 14 more than in 2021.

Nevertheless, Anesthesiology and Resuscitation, which has assigned the last of its 395 positions to doctor 3,714, has allocated one vacancy for every nine order numbers, which is why it is gaining popularity among doctors, just like Ophthalmology. In the case of ophthalmologyanother of the areas that has completed the process in the tenth session, has delivered one for every 18 doctorswhile, in the previous call, the average stood at 19 numbers per vacancy filled.

Of course, on the other side of the coin there are two areas that have not yet been released in the process: Work Medicine (107 places) and Nuclear medicine (48 places).

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