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Chris Evans is in charge of giving voice to the astronaut who inspired the toy from ‘Toy Story’ in the film that opens in theaters on June 17.

“To infinity and beyond!”. Who has not said it at some time? With this phrase Buzz Lightyear conquered millions of viewers around the world. The space toy is one of the protagonists of toy story (1995), one of the great animated films that has united generations. Both parents and children, and even grandparents, have enjoyed Andy’s adventures and his toys on more than one occasion. Now thanks to Lightyearthe time has come to discover the true story behind Buzz. The film arrives at movie theaters on June 17 and features Chris Evans as the voice of the main hero.

While it is true that we all know the Buzz Lightyear toy from the original version, in Lightyear we will meet the real character. The film focuses on the movie that Andy saw to want the toy. A whole new story where Buzz is no longer a plastic toy. Far from the universe toy storypromises many space adventures that will conquer the public.

Here we give you the keys by which Lightyear is the most anticipated animated film of this 2022:

Meet the original Buzz

In 1995 we first met Buzz Lightyear, who landed a starring role in ToyStory. Buzz was the new and coveted toy that unseated Sheriff Woody, a wind-up doll, and ended up becoming Andy’s favorite. But, What movie did Andy see to wish he had a Buzz Lightyear toy? This was the question that Angus MacLane asked himself 21 years later (Finding Dory), director of Lightyear.

Lightyear tells the origins of Buzz, the hero who inspired the toy, and introduces us to the story of this legendary space ranger told as a exciting intergalactic adventure. Action and science fiction are the main ingredients of this animated film, but making bad decisions and their consequences are also central to the plot. A situation that many people have faced on occasion.

The film opens with the accomplished Buzz, his Major Alisha Hawthorne and a team of more than 1,000 scientists and technicians returning home from their last mission. About 4.2 million light-years from Earth, a sensor indicates that they are approaching an unexplored but potentially resource-rich planet. At that moment, Buzz decides to divert the scout ship’s course towards T’Kani Prime. A decision that does not turn out as he expected and for which he will have to bear the blame. The entire crew is marooned on a decidedly hostile planet and prepares to be there for quite a few years.

A film that connects generations

Lightyear It was announced at the end of 2020 and since then few details have been known about the film. However, from the outset the film directed by MacLane has awakened the nostalgia of all those who grew up with Woody and his inseparable friend Buzz. From the first trailer – which came out in October of last year – to the last one, which was released on Thursday, May 5 and you can see above these lines.

‘Lightyear’: Discover the origins of the legendary Space Guardian with the trailer for the new Pixar adventure

After four movies toy storythere are many interconnected generations Thanks to your characters. Buzz has always been one of the most beloved among the public. His space suit and his mythical phrase —as we mentioned at the beginning— are part of the childhood of millions of people around the world. Now it’s time to rediscover the legendary warrior and meet the Buzz who conquered Andy.

Also, lovers of the saga are in luck. Lightyear will also explore Zurg’s characterwhom we first saw in toy story 2. And this one will have an important role, since he is the villain of this new movie and has always been Buzz’s nemesis.

a pixar movie

It is clear that all Pixar movies are synonymous with success. The most recent case is found in Net, but among the studio’s tapes we find many award-winners. From Finding Nemo until Soulwithout forgetting Coconut either Inside Out.

Also, Pixar animated films they not only raise passions among children. Adults are also captivated by their stories. They are titles that, although considered on many occasions for the smallest of the house, hide messages for the older ones behind some eclipsing adventures. And, how could it be otherwise, Lightyear we also find them.

Chris Evans as Buzz

Who better to voice the new Buzz than Chris Evans? The actor – let’s not forget that he is Captain America himself – believes that with this film we will get to know a new part of the character. “Buzz Lightyear has always been a determined, confident and heroic character. But in Lightyear we have the opportunity to see a more human and vulnerable facet of Buzz”. And he adds:

We are witnesses of their internal struggles, their uncertainties and also their failures

Although the film is named after the beloved character, the rest of the cast members are also important in creating the story of the new space ranger. Thanks to his fellow travelers, we will get to know the new Buzz in depth, adding sincerity and the ability to identify with what the world knew about him.

In addition to Evans, the voice cast is completed Uzo Aduba as Alisha Hawthorne, Buzz’s commander and friend; Keke Palmer as Izzy Hawthorne, the leader of the Junior Zap Patrol, a volunteer team of cadets who train to become protectors; Taika Waitti as Mo, who joins Izzy’s cause; Dale Soules as Darby Steel, a member of the Junior Zap Patrol, and Peter Sohn as Sox, the protagonist’s lovable robot cat.

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Surely after reading these lines you want to meet the new Buzz. But we will have to wait until June 17 to see Lightyear. There’s less left for takeoff!