Belinda drives fans crazy with another bikini in her own Eden

“You are happy?” The question that raises “Welcome to Eden”the new series of Netflix could easily be answered by one of its protagonists, Belinda: “Winning, as always”. The most mythical phrase of the Mexican-Spanish singer and actress, affectionately nicknamed “Beli”, emerged in 2016 when she used it before the press while she was involved in a legal proceeding.

Now, it can be applied to describe the vital and artistic moment that surrounds it. Because at 32 years old, with 15 million followers on Instagram and a fortune of 10 million dollars to her credit, according to Celebrity Net, Belinda, who recently moved to Spain to work on the series, is in full Eden.

This is how he shared it on his social networks, where he again published a series of photographs in which his figure looks in a blue bikini.

“Blue Eden”, he wrote to accompany the snapshots in which he poses on a beach.

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the birth of a star

Belinda Peregrín Schüll was born in Madrid, Spain, on August 15, 1989. The daughter of Spanish parents and with French ancestry on her mother’s side, the family moved to Mexico when Beli was only four years old. This is why she, although she has Spanish nationality, she is also considered Mexican.

Her jump into the entertainment world was early: as a child she worked on the telenovelas “Friends Forever” (2000), “Aventuras en el Tiempo” (2001) and “Cómplices al Rescate” (2002), as well as on the soundtracks of the same (in fact, for the last one he had his first Latin Grammy nomination).

Other subsequent appearances of Belinda in series and movies were “Hearts to the Limit” (2004), “The Cheetah Girls 2” (2006), the dubbing of “Despereaux: A Little Great Hero” (2008), “Chameleons” (2009) , the Mexican dubbing of “The Adventures of Tadeo Jones” (2013) and “Trolls” (2016) and “Baywatch” (2017).

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The young woman has also had her own “reality shows” and has been a judge for talents such as Factor X or La Voz, as well as a stage actress in several works, including the successful musical “Hoy no me puede rising” inspired by the songs of the famous group. Meccano pop.
But if Belinda’s career as an actress is extensive, much better known is her career as a singer. And it is that, after her success in soap opera soundtracks, she began her solo career as a teenager.

The “Latin Avril Lavigne”

The year was 2003 and Avril Lavigne had been the youth icon of an entire generation (or several) for some time when Belinda released her first album, which was titled her own name.

Immediately, Beli began to be labeled by the media and fans as “La Avril Lavigne Hispana”, thanks to successful singles such as “Lo Siento”. In addition, she was a platinum record in Mexico and in the United States.

His second album, “Utopía” (2006) earned him another two Latin Grammy nominations, and two other albums complete his discography, “Carpe Diem” (2010) and “Catarsis” (2013). Some of her most famous hits are: “Boba nice girl”, “Ángel”, “Luz sin Gravidad”, “Get out of my skin” or “In Love you have to Forgive”.

As for her music, it has evolved and matured as she herself has done: if “Belinda” was a pop rock album with punk and rock sounds, the artist has been drinking from other styles, from classic ballads to electronic and catchy rhythms .

In addition, Belinda has collaborated with all kinds of artists throughout her career, such as: Juan Magán, Lola Índigo, Tiny, Andy y Lucas, Pitbull, Kumbia Kings, Pee Wee, Moderatto or Marta Sánchez, among others.

Beli, “better than ever”

As for her love life, Belinda’s heart has been busy several times. One of her first loves was the actor Christopher Uckerman (RBD), his partner in “Adventures in time”.

He also had a brief affair with the model Rodrigo Guirao and was a couple for about six months with businessman Pepe Díaz. She later related it to Maluma although there is nothing confirmed beyond the rumors. She had an affair with the soccer player Giovanni Dos Santos and with Mario Domm (Camila), as well as with the magician Criss Angel and the surgeon Ben Talei.

Other men with whom Belinda has been associated or has been related are: Jay de la Cueva, Jared Leto, Jorge Argüelles, Mohamed Morales, Lupillo Rivera, Octavio García (“El Payo”), Ryan Pichard or Billy Mendez.

His most recent partner was the singer Christian Nodalalthough in February the breakup of the couple was known, despite not revealing the reasons: “I’m better than ever,” the artist recently said in Ventaneando, alluding to her sentimental status.


And it is that, although he wants to relate to two men related to the “Paper House” (the actor Álvaro Morte, ‘El Professor’, with whom he was seen at the Platino Awards; and the Argentine Chino Darín, boyfriend of the actress Úrsula Corberó, who was dazzled by the beauty of the Mexican), Belinda is focused on her career and the launch of “Welcome to Edén”.

Beli in Eden

In this production, Belinda shares a cast with other famous actors such as: Amaia Salamanca, Sergio Momo (Elite), Lola Rodríguez, Berta Vázquez, Ana Mena or Begoña Vargas, among others.

It is a series that starts from the premise of a group of young people who are offered an “opportunity” to escape from this world plagued by crises, pandemics and climate change through a secret party… Although nothing is what It seems.

Because according to Beli, the series “is inspired by reality,” he tells M2. And about her character, Africa (Afrilux), he affirms that “she is mysterious”, which made the role more difficult and worked for her, which is considered “super transparent”.

In addition, Belinda had the opportunity to compose and perform the main theme of the series’ soundtrack which, in her own words at a press conference, is “a very cinematic song”, and different from her usual musical styles.

“You are happy?” Until we see the series, we cannot know if Afrilux or the rest of the protagonists that populate Eden are. But what is clear is that Belinda is, as always, winning.