Christian Nodal falls like this, and not in the arms of his new love

Christian Nodal would have taken a wrong step during his recent presentation from Honduras in the middle of his “Outlaw” tour, his fans in that region would see the “sonorense” fall resoundingly.

It would be on stage where the singerChristian Nodal would star in a mishap that took him to the ground, this in the middle of the recent tour that he stars in Honduras and Guatemala.

On this occasion, the controversy once again revolves around Christian Nodal and not only after being seen with a woman, whom they already suggest, would be his new conquest, but also because of the incident he recently starred in during what was his presentation.

Christian Nodal would take a wrong step in the middle of the show in Honduras. Photo: Capture Instagram

Although fortunately the mishap was not serious, it did cause some consequences for the interpreter of “We are no longer, nor will we be” and recently: “Aguardiente”, who later shared some details of this unfortunate event on his social networks.

Today I kissed the stage, commented Christian Jesús González Nodal, who in the end took the unfortunate situation with humor.

Added to this description the “regional mexican“He published a photo showing his feet and you can see the injury to his left foot, so he had to be bandaged with an ankle splint.

The causes of this are attributed mainly to the slipperiness of the stage after a moderate rain that fell on the place, which caused the incident of “Mexican composer“, who said goodbye to the public after his resounding fall.

The one born on January 11, 1999 in Caborca, would also be grateful to the public, who showed concern about what happened for which the acclaimed “mariacheño“, 23 years old, dedicated a message of thanks in his first Instagram posts to reassure fans who would have witnessed what happened.

My people from Guatemala, thank you very much for this incredible night, so special….I’m fine….Thank you for this full house, for singing each song with that energy, for the vibe….I love you! Thank you for so much!, He scored the highlight with the “Extraordinary Evolution Award” at the Latin AMAs.

Although the interpreterOf the kisses that I gave you“Today based in Los Angeles, California did not provide more details of the mishap, in the image you can see that the spectacular fall left him with a bandaged foot.

As soon as he arrived in Central America, Nodal would have already caused quite a stir when he arrived accompanied by a young woman who they say is of Sinaloan origin and who is presumed to be his new conquest.

After barely being caught a few weeks ago with Aurora Cárdenas, a “tapatia“Dedicated to real estate, now the heart of the regional would have room for one more since in recent months, the famous one has been sentimentally unstoppable, some say, it is the way in which he tries to forget his relationship with the native of Spain .

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