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During the famous trial against Amber Heard, the actor assured that it was he who shaped the pirate we all know against the wishes of Disney.

During the trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard that has been taking place in recent weeks, we have been able to learn many details behind the scenes of Pirates of the Caribbean. The fact that Heard’s statements against Depp have destroyed the actor’s career is under debate and that implies the famous pirate franchise and his dismissal from pirates of the caribbean 6.

During the interrogation, Depp, among other details, assured that he had been the architect of the Jack Sparrow that we all know. “I incorporated my notes into the character and brought him to life, much to Disney’s chagrin initially. I believed in the character wholeheartedly and at first the people at Disney were a little upset“, declared the interpreter. At that time, he did not specify what those changes were, but it is not the first time he has mentioned it.

‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Reveal: Johnny Depp Shaped Jack Sparrow Against Disney’s Wishes

As he declared in a meeting during the Zurich Film Festival, the first version of Sparrow had much less charisma than the one that was finally seen on the screen. “In the original script, Captain Jack was written as a swashbuckler, a pirate who swings, fights a little bit and then swings, grabs a girl and that’s it,” says the actor, “I had different ideas for him. This sounds weird, but Captain Jack was born in a sauna“.

Depp used a very peculiar trick to shape the character, but he did it with a certain logic. “I figured this guy has been out on the high seas most of his life and therefore has dealt with some inescapable heat on the brain. So I set the sauna to about 1000 degrees and sat in there as long as I could.” until it began to affect me mentally”, revealed Depp in the meeting as collected Collider.

That gave me the idea that his brain is fried. Also in terms of his body language, I felt that when he was on the ship he would be fine, he would have ‘sea legs’, but when he was on land he can’t have ‘land legs’. I would be wobbly and Disney disagreed

This is how he began to shape the mythical character despite the fact that the executives did not stop raising their hands to their heads.

The details of Jack Sparrow that Disney did not see with good eyes

Of all the things Depp proposed, the studio executives had a lot of trouble with his wardrobe and hair work. “When I showed up, they were like, ‘What are you doing?’ And I got phone calls: ‘You have to take off those dangling things and what is that on your face? What happens? Is he mentally ill, retired a long time ago, incredibly drunk, or gay?‘. My response was, ‘I’m sorry, don’t you know that all my characters are gay?'” she says.

Johnny Depp was very involved in the construction of Jack Sparrow and gave Disney an ultimatum: either they accepted what he proposed or they could fire him because he was not going to give his arm to twist. In fact, it was the fact that they were so against him that gave him the energy to keep going. “I could see the writers say, ‘That’s not in the script, that’s not in the script!’ and you could see all these worried faces. Actually, gave me fuel to go further“said the actor.

Johnny Depp felt “betrayed” by Disney for ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’: “Jack Sparrow should have a proper ending”

Depp remembers Michael Eisner, head of Disney, freaking out screaming that Depp was going to ruin the movie. Eisner believed that the actor was not understood at all when he was speaking and that the public was not going to understand him well. Time has shown that he was wrong. Pirates of the Caribbean It is one of the most successful Disney franchises and, in part, it is thanks to the interpretation of Johnny Depp. In fact, Disney theme parks have facilities dedicated exclusively to Sparrow because they know he turns heads.

The real inspiration of Johnny Depp to make Jack Sparrow

Much has been said about Keith Richards as inspiration for Johnny Depp when building Jack Sparrow, but the truth is far from the rocker. When Depp had the opportunity to order the pirate, his daughter was three years old and the actor was very involved in the world of Cartoon. Depp thought that there were people of very different ages who loved Bugs Bunny. “They love these characters that can get away with things that we can’t. That was really my focus,” reveals the actor.

“Characters can say things that don’t make sense and people say ‘Okay’. So I guess it has the maxim of irreverence. That’s what I was looking for and I found it,” said the interpreter.

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